Dani Pedrosa was 'quite happy' with his physical condition after his first MotoGP race since Qatar turned into a test for his healing arm.

The 29-year old slipped off his RC213V on just the second lap of Sunday's French MotoGP, after losing the front end while changing direction on the entry of turn four. He did, however, remount to finish 16th and outside the points.

Pedrosa chose to use the race as a test for the right arm that was operated on for arm-pump issues after Qatar.

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"I turned a disadvantage into an advantage, and I tried to make the race into a test for the arm, and basically I was running the pace I could in those conditions. I was quite happy about my physical condition, I think still I need to improve a little bit, but I guess in the next weeks with the therapy I have to do, and with a little bit more loose riding, and some more laps, I can get a little better.

"So in general, there is a positive thing today, although I have no points. But apart from that, the thing now is to try to improve the bike, which is quite difficult, because I could feel the areas where the bike is struggling, and where we need to improve the bike and how. So I hope we can get in the next weeks with some ideas to make the bike better, because at the moment we are struggling a little bit to catch up with our rivals."

Asked to explain what happened in his crash, Pedrosa said, "I don't have an answer, I just crashed, I lost the front, I wasn't expecting that, but unfortunately it happened. It's a shame, because I wanted to do a race where in the group I could go maybe with Bradley and Iannone and that.

"Unfortunately I was alone. I could pick up the bike, and the handlebar was totally bent, and the throttle was stuck, so I had to manage the throttle. If I didn't let off, the gas would keep going. So I had to play with that on top of my situation, but you know."

In the subsequent 27 laps it became apparent that his Honda wasn't performing exactly to his liking. Able to run a similar pace to team-mate Marc Marquez in fourth, Pedrosa feels that he knows which areas to focus on improving before the next race in Mugello.

"I couldn't follow Marc's race, but I think being out of the podium means he struggled for some reason. So it is clear that we need to improve the bike. But although I was riding alone, I could more or less have a feel of which areas we need to do changes, and I hope we can do some soon.

"My pace was similar to the group with Marc. Similar, not faster, only sometimes. But still far from the pace of the ones on top, so we need to do some changes on the bike, and I guess also physically, this race will help me for the next ones. And tried to move forward from that."