Although he made steps forward in Italy, John McPhee ended the race weekend in Mugello frustrated after a disappointing result.

The young Scot felt progress was made with front-end feel in practice but was unable to hold the correct racing line through Mugello's numerous high-speed switches of direction.

This meant the Racing Team Germany man had to brake earlier to adjust his lines, a difficult situation when racing in the kind of frantic gaggle the Tuscan track tends to produce.

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Twentieth place and no points wasn't what McPhee had hoped for but he nonetheless feels things can only improve after a succession of difficult races.

"It was a tough race and in some ways it was another weekend wasted for us," he told on Sunday. "No points on the table. It's quite frustrating you know, we're putting everything into it 100 percent and I'm really pushing on every lap. We're just not really getting anywhere. We're still struggling with the bike and the set-up.

"[Alexis] Masbou and his guys managed to make a step forward for the race. It looks like they've maybe come to a direction so maybe we'll try that direction in Barcelona and see if we can make a step forward. At the minute there's not much more I can do. I'm putting everything into it and the results aren't really coming.

"The front's good. All the entries to the slow corners are good. It's just the turning in the fast corners and I'm not able to hold the line. I think it's more coming from the rear now, that's the bigger problem. The thing is this weekend we did make a lot of progress. We managed to find feel from the bike and we're moving things forward. That's important. It can only get better from here."

Circulating out of the points may not be much to shout about but McPhee just 17 seconds down on race winner Miguel Oliveira and lost out to both Darryn Binder and Alessandro Tonucci in a close battle for 18th.

"It is close but in Moto3 racing you need to have a bike that you can fight people with, you can pass people with and hold your line with. I could do the lap time in the race but I was having to ride in a different way. I was having to brake a little early and prepare for the corner exit. As soon as you're around anybody they just stuff it up your inside.

"I mean I could run the lap times but just not fight and push my way forwards. We'll keep on pushing on. We won't give up and we'll come back stronger for Barcelona."

The result sees McPhee slip to twelfth in the championship standings, a point behind Niccol? Antonelli.