Cal Crutchlow was left frustrated by a day spent testing different machine configurations but insisted his pace for Sunday's Catalan MotoGP encounter is better than his eventual finishing place suggested.

The 29-year old ended Friday afternoon eighth fastest despite not finding a rhythm throughout the day. Two five-lap runs were Crutchlow's longest stints on track as he tested several settings for his own race set-up and for Honda's benefit.

It left Crutchlow believing he needs to spend more time focussing on his own settings on Saturday as he looks to bounce back from two consecutive crashes.

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"I wasn't very pleased with the result but I felt quite comfortable on the bike," said Crutchlow, less than two weeks after he dislocated his right ankle in Mugello. "We need to improve in some sectors because we're making too many mistakes. We've been testing too many things back to back.

"I think tomorrow we need to concentrate on our own job and just work with one bike. Every run we've done we've been on a different bike. We've been testing things back to back for ourselves but also for Honda.

"Nothing new, just parts that we've had on the bike all the time. We've been using a different setting basically but we've been doing that the whole time. Some corners it works, some it doesn't. It just made my runs a disaster, up and down quite a lot.

"I was confident with my lap time. I made some mistakes in the slower traffic. I'm not too worried to be eighth. I think we can be a lot higher than that and have a lot faster lap time. That's where we need to improve our pace."

When pushed to name what he had been testing Crutchlow wouldn't reveal more than saying it was something he had used earlier in the season.

"It was a part on the bike but it wasn't new," he said. "It was something we had earlier on in the season. We just wanted to compare it. The problem is we've been using one for the last three or four meetings so to chop and change all the time was difficult.

"It's difficult to understand when I know the Honda guys tested in Mugello on the Monday. They did their comparison then. We should have stuck to our own plan and started to work on the bike's setting. I feel we have a good pace. My feeling over race distance I believe is ok."

Twice a front row qualifier at this track, Crutchlow admitted he approached Friday's action with some trepidation considering the state of his ankle. The injury, however, did little to affect his feeling on the bike.

"I was taking it easy as such. I wasn't taking too many risks. It felt like I was taking things casually. I didn't want to reinjure the ankle. Within thirty seconds I had already forgotten about it. I had no problem to ride the bike at all. I was more concerned about a setting on the bike."

The CWM rider was one of several riders to run off track at the treacherous turn ten. He later said that was comeuppance for previously laughing at the number of riders running on at the same turn.

"Typical me. In the morning I was laughing at everyone doing it and I ended up doing it in the afternoon. I missed a gear change. I kept it in third gear when I should have been back in second. That was the only reason. This morning I said, 'How can these people make so many mistakes?' I only did it once and it was for a reason!

"Again that was another lap out of our run. We just had an inconsistent day that I was not happy with but overall I feel quite good."