Cal Crutchlow will start Sunday's Catalunya MotoGP from ninth place after falling at the end of qualifying.

The Englishman lowsided from his LCR Honda at the end of the back straight while in contention for a front row start.

"I'm not angry, I'm not pissed off. I'm disappointed that I'm on the third row, but that's racing," said the LCR Honda rider.

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"I said to my team before I went out for qualifying, don't worry about the position in the other practices, because we were running a different tyre strategy to the other guys, I was running a lot on old tyres. Lorenzo was ninth, I was tenth in FP4, but I knew I had a good pace for the front row.

"My pace is a lot faster than it looks on paper, but it's clear to see that all the Hondas are again not in the best shape. We're fighting a lot. But this is what we can do. We are working hard, my ideal [lap] is a good position, even without the last sector, and you always gain the lap time here in the last sector. I didn't get to do the last sector. I started it, but I never finished it.

"Overall, I'm happy, and we'll see tomorrow. Hand and ankle won't be a problem, I hope not."

Like Marc Marquez, Crutchlow confirmed that Honda has made significant steps towards solving their corner entry and exit issues at Catalunya.

"We've reduced the [engine] locking [under braking], I feel, definitely. We're still locking, we're a lot more sideways than everyone else, but it seems a lot more controllable than before," he revealed.

"Fundamentally the problem is rear grip, in the middle of the corner and the exit. And then we have to make everything in the braking. As it's clear to see, we're so strong in the braking, but there's only so late you can brake, and there's only so many risks you can take every lap."