A day after crashing out of his home grand prix in Barcelona, Aleix Espargaro's MotoGP test on Monday was cut short after falling again under braking for turn five.

Suzuki's first pole-sitter since 2007 completed just ten laps while testing new parts on Monday morning before the fall, more or less ending his day's work as a rain shower hit Montmel?.

He ended the day third fastest, just over a tenth slower than Bradley Smith's fastest time of the day. In the cooler morning conditions Espargaro's best time of 1m 42.127s was half a second faster than his best effort in Sunday's race.

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"Yesterday I was really angry because it was a very bad way to end a good weekend in Barcelona," said the 25-year old. "So this morning, I was really happy and anxious to go to the track again, to restart my mind and ride again my bike, at 10am and 1 second I was riding. But unfortunately on lap 10, I crashed in the same place as in the race.

"I lost the front, but a lot faster than yesterday. We are looking at what happened. I didn't feel grip during the weekend in that corner. Yesterday's crash was very different, the bike was completely stopped, and today I was very fast. But the thing is that the test was finished from then, it started to rain.

"I'm happy because now we move the whole team to go to Aragon and we will be able to ride again, and try not to crash in Aragon. We will test on Wednesday and Thursday."

Espargaro revealed he destroyed the new parts during the crash but is hopeful they can be fixed before he takes to the track once more on Wednesday.

"I hope. We need to retry in Aragon, we will see. The team is working, we will try all the stuff, and also all the plan we had for this test we will do at Aragon, because we just did 10 laps."

Asked whether he was feeling an physical after affects of crashing twice in two days, Espargaro said there was nothing of great concern. "The glove was open, the finger, I have a big abrasion of the skin, but not a problem," he said.

Team-mate Maverick Vi?ales was able to complete twenty laps on Monday morning. The class rookie, sixth in Sunday's race, was sitting fastest before Smith lapped 0.05s quicker before the rain began to fall.

Unlike Espargaro, Vi?ales wasn't testing new parts and instead focused on chassis tweaks and honing his riding style.

"Finally the plan was trying to get better pace with old tires, and finally we did it," said Vi?ales, fresh from posting his best MotoGP qualifying and race performances. "We arrived six tenths more fast than the race, also the weather was quite different, so this helps. It was less hot. But finally it started to rain, so our plan is to go to Alca?iz, try to make a better set up for the race tires. And also try to understand what the bike needs when the tire drops down. Today we made a good job, and I hope that in Alca?iz we can do it also.

"Today we concentrate a lot on try to be really smooth on the gas and also on the brakes to try to save the tires. Just riding style today, and also a little bit chassis, but not so much difference."

As he heads to Aragon, Vi?ales revealed he will be using Wednesday and Thursday to continue focusing his riding technique.

"Yes, the same, try to improve my riding style, if I can with the gas, I can be more constant and more fast, so just try to learn."