Scott Redding believes the style required to wrestle a 240bhp 'Factory' Honda MotoGP machine is 'coming more natural' after scoring his best result of 2015 in Barcelona.

A difficult year in which Redding had only scored one top-ten finish in the first six races, the 2013 Moto2 runner-up placed a heartening seventh at Montmel?, having qualified 14th.

Getting to grips with the braking style required to get the most out of the RC213V has proved challenging for Redding but he believes he is now having to think less about the technique as he attempts to feel more natural on the bike.

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"It's definitely coming more natural. Like I said, about changing my style, about braking, about closing, this is coming more natural so I can do it without thinking about it. And then I can start looking at other areas and stuff. We were again quite close to the Hondas this weekend.

"It's just the qualifying, being bumped down into Q1 again was quite frustrating. But just got my head down, did my own thing, and got me in an average place on the grid, instead of Mugello, where I messed up the qualifying and ended up 17th. I just made the best of a bad situation really."

As Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso and the two Espargaro brothers all crashed out of Sunday's 25-lap race, Redding wasn't overly pleased with the result.

However the fact he finished 17 seconds behind the first 'Factory' Honda was reason to be optimistic. What's more, in terms of one-off laps, Redding was the fifth fastest rider in Sunday's race. To contrast, he crossed the line 29 back of Pedrosa in Mugello.

"[It was] Just quite a demanding race. The best start of my race was to stay on the back of the other guys, so I really tried everything to be super smooth and try not to make any mistakes to stay on the back of them guys as long as possible. It just took its toll a little bit, because I was just focusing every last little thing.

"Number-wise it looks good, but for me, I know it's not the real result, quite a few top riders crashed out. More for me, the gap to the leaders was similar, but to the first Honda was a bit closer than what we've been having, and also I could hold on to Dani for a few laps at the beginning, and hold on to the back of Iannone and Bradley.

"So that was a step for me, because always they've been pulling away from me in the beginning of the race, and then I haven't had a chance to change anything. So this was for me the step in the race, more than the result."

In Monday's post-race test Redding was initially hopeful of testing a new swingarm but eventually settled for posting some wet-weather times after the rain started to fall. He ended Monday with the 13th fastest time.

"It's better than no testing. We got a couple of laps under our belt, then with the rain coming, we did a couple of laps in the rain. So it was nice to have a little bit the feeling again in the rain, which was good. Didn't really get to test that much. Like I say, a bad test is better than a good stand, so I'm happy to have had some more laps on the bike, but also quite a difficult race yesterday, so in one respect I'm kind of glad it was a short day."