BT Broadband customers will no longer be able to watch MotoGP for free on BT Sport.

From August, and following the company's purchase of TV rights for the UEFA Champions League, a new BT Sport pack will be launched.

MotoGP will be included in this package, which will only be free for BT TV customers (requires a YouView box).

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The cost for those with BT Broadband wanting to watch MotoGP via Sky, the BT Sport App or BT Mobile will be ?5 per month. Those without BT Broadband face a bill of ?19.99 per month.

BT acquired the exclusive live UK broadcasting rights for MotoGP in a five-year deal starting from 2014.


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Fantastic news NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another nail in bike sport in the uk.

Now I'm glad I stuck to my guns last month and stuck with Sky broadband and refused to be held to ransom by BT broadband to see the MotoGP.

Well done DORNA btw at nobbling your own interests here.

Will look for that ta (acestream) . Altho The CIty Of London police are out to get the likes of cricfree :( And sometimes it stopped streaming for me with like 6 or 3 laps to go! :( I use Firefox with NoScript to try and get most the noise from loading on the page. But it does take time to figure out what to allow and what to keep restricted.

From the horses mouth themselves, and really, did you think I should type it out manually? Wow get a grip.

RSMick: How is this Dorna's fault?[\blockquote]

Dorna Sports is an international sports management, marketing and media company, founded in 1988. Pretty sure they must be implicated in this. Dorna has been the exclusive commercial and television rights holder for the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix (MotoGP) since 1992. With 64 years of history, MotoG is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing and is Dorna’s main focus.

An aside as a non BT broadband user, have you noticed how frikkin difficult they make it to find their Moto* listings? Often get up too late for the Moto2 & 3 but can I find out when I can go to cricfree and watch those races? Crazy. Its like they want to keep non BT users completely out of it.