Bradley Smith is hopeful changes made to his Tech 3 Yamaha M1 in the post-race test in Barcelona can aid him in the opening laps of the Dutch MotoGP race at Assen.

Currently the top satellite rider in the 2015 standings, Smith has pinpointed the opening seven laps of races where he struggles most with braking late and maintaining corner speed.

Although rain started falling just 90 minutes into the Monday test at Montmel?, limiting riders to 25 laps or less, Smith ended the day fastest as he experimented with settings that allow him to push at 100 percent early on in the race.

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"In the Barcelona test, although it was just 18 laps, we tried something to help me in the beginning of the race," said Smith. "It looks like we'll continue riding with those changes here. Fingers crossed everything works out well.

"It seems like my pace from the middle of the race looks quite good but it's those opening seven laps."

Smith confirmed that the Tech 3 team had played with these settings at Jerez in May and only settled on what they currently have after moving in a different direction from France onwards.

"I find the limit too easily. I'm not able to brake any later or to carry any more corner speed which means you end up making mistakes running wide and more people pass you. [We're] just trying to work on those kind of things, to keep it more neat and tidy.

"We had some ideas on what we needed to do at Jerez. Then we went away from it. Now we're back to it again. It's basically double confirmed and hopefully it'll work out here. I don't think it's a track that you're going to really notice something like that but small differences, you never know."

In the past two races, Smith has exited the first corner in fourth position, despite qualifying in eleventh and eighth place. When asked to share his start-secret he quipped, "Big balls and brake late!

"I'm making great starts at the moment and putting myself in really good opportunities but [I'm] just not able to push at one hundred percent with the front tyre, how I want to."

In what is a hectic period for the 23-year old, Smith leaves for Japan on Sunday to test Yamaha's R1, the machine he'll use in July's Suzuka 8 Hours event. Although of great importance to Yamaha, Smith insists it won't get in the way of his MotoGP commitments.

"I'm going to be busy. I leave for the Suzuka 8 Hours on Sunday and then I get my first chance to try the new R1 on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in the Suzuka track. At the end of the day the main thing is to continue performing well here, in the MotoGP paddock and then focus my efforts to do the best I can over there."