Scott Redding voiced his frustration at ending the first day of MotoGP free practice at Assen one second off the fastest time despite feeling on the limit.

After finishing the morning session a disheartening 17th, Redding admitted he tried too hard in the afternoon as he was unable to put his RC213V exactly where he wanted on the 2.8 mile Dutch track.

The 22-year old found the going tough through turns one and three in particular before losing 0.2s on the exit of the Strubben hairpin alone.

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As the better feeling he spoke of at Barcelona failed to materialise in Holland, Redding said he isn't sure why things aren't working in his favour.

"I felt really good on the bike but then I saw that I wasn't top twelve," said Redding on Thursday evening. "I feel on the limit but the lap time isn't here and I don't know why. I seem to be losing a lot of time on the entry and mid-corner but I'm already on the limit at the moment. We'll try and work in that area tomorrow but I'm one second off and I already feel on the limit basically.

"I'm losing a little bit into turn one, into turn three I'm losing three tenths and then I lose two tenths compared to Dani coming out of the slow corner. I'm trying too hard in some areas where they can let the bike flow but I don't have the confidence to put the bike where I want. In the fast corners with this bike it's hard to change direction but it looks like it's a bit easier for the other riders to change the direction and let the speed run on.

"The bike isn't bad but I feel on the limit. Maybe the bike isn't working as well as it can do and that's making me feel like I'm pushing harder than I should be. For sure though there some things that I need to work on-the lines and things-with the track temperature low and struggling for grip it's bad for us."

Speaking in the Marc VDS hospitality, Redding went on to admit his current trials are taking their toll on his working relationship with crew chief Chris Pike as they continue to search for a solution.

"Me and Chris are still working well but it does take a toll sometimes. You're trying to get the most out of the tyres but when it's wrecked and you're being told that you have to do a certain time on the tyre before you get a new one you think that 'If I couldn't do it ten laps ago how am I going to do it now?'

"I can understand the logic behind it but sometimes it just feels that we're going into the wrong direction. That's both me and Chris, we make one step forwards but then take two steps back. It's a continuous circle at the moment for us and it's wearing me down at the moment.

"You're banging your head against the wall and because we're putting in a lot of effort and not getting a reward at the minute that's frustrating me. It has to come good at some point though.

"I'm resetting every day and every practice and that's the problem. It's grinding me down at the moment because I keep thinking that it'll get better but it doesn't get better. That's the hardest thing for me. Sometimes you make a step but it's not as much as it should be."