Valentino Rossi said Marc Marquez left him with no option other than to run through the gravel after the pair collided at the final chicane in the Dutch MotoGP at Assen.

Rossi kept his M1 upright and won the race, with Marquez also avoiding a fall as the Repsol Honda rider took second place in a controversial end to the race.

Marquez attempted a pass on the brakes on Rossi's inside as the pair entered the chicane, with Rossi refusing to budge from his line before lifting his Yamaha after contact was made.

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Both riders made it clear they felt the other was in the wrong when quizzed on the clash in the post-race press conference, with Rossi stating that he had 'no chance' because Marquez 'pushed me on the right'.

Asked if he leant on Marquez to initiate the contact, Rossi said: "No - maybe it's better another time we see the image because I think that everybody has this idea.

"My idea is that I was completely in front in the last chicane. I braked hard, stayed in the centre and was already into the first [apex] on the right when he come on to me. But I just see his tyre, so he touched me just behind the elbow. That means [the contact] was at the maximum the middle of my bike. I braked and I was on line to make the chicane

"I braked and entered on the right to make the chicane and I was on the line, but unfortunately his touch put me on the outside and I don't have any chance to stay on the line because he pushed me on the outside.

"At that moment I don't have any chance because I can't stay in the chicane because the speed is quite high," Rossi added.

"So I go on the gravel and the first reaction I have is to open the throttle because I don't know how deep [the gravel trap is] and I don't want to crash on the gravel. I was lucky to control the bike.

"This is my version, we know his version, but I remember it like this."

Asked if he practices riding through gravel traps at speed at home at his ranch, Rossi replied with a smile: "No, usually no."

Rossi's pit board displayed the letters 'BRK' with around seven or eight laps remaining but he dismissed the message, saying it was 'nothing'.

"I was asked already three or four times this question but no, it is nothing, it is something for changing the engine brake that I have to remember."


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Love that Marquez and Rossi have had two notable touches on track - and both times Rossi has come out on top - Marquez may be able to bully other riders but not the Doctor!

Ausrossi: Only thing is current chicane has only existed since 2006.[\blockquote]

Dude, are you serious? The Geert Timmer corner which is the original name is together with Stekkenwal and the complete southern loop except "De Bult" which hasn't been altered. My first visit to the Dutch track was when I was six and my last one was last year. When I was six that final corner was already there! The only thing changed in that corner is the grandstand!