A veteran of many memorable MotoGP confrontations, Valentino Rossi wasn't surprised by the reaction and huge level of interest and debate following his last corner showdown with Marc Marquez at Assen.

"No, because always when you have a battle to the last corner it is interesting, especially if it is a hard battle and we touch," Rossi said at the Sachsenring in Germany on Thursday.

"It was a good battle during all the race and also it is between me and Marc, so it is interesting no? I think it is normal."

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Championship leader Rossi held on for his third victory of the season despite running off-track following contact with Marquez.

The Repsol Honda rider wasn't happy that Rossi had cut the corner. However most impartial observers seemed to agree with Race Direction's verdict; that the Spaniard failed to complete the pass and that Rossi would have remained on track without the contact.

All of which means Marquez is now 74 points from Rossi, who in turn halted team-mate Jorge Lorenzo's four-race win streak to take a ten point advantage into this weekend's ninth round.

While Marquez is currently out of the title fight, his future results could play a part in the outcome of the championship battle between Rossi and Lorenzo.

Rossi, chasing an elusive tenth world title, played down the suggestion that Marquez might prefer one or the other to win.

"I think for Marc it doesn't change a lot if Jorge wins or I win. You think for yourself and you try to win races, try to recover points but at the end of the season I think it is not a big difference [who wins, if it is not you]."


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MM still sore after Assen. VR casting it to one side. Just makes the on-track fight more 'interesting'.

But hope it doen't make MM even more hot headed in a spiteful way...that he pushes the acceptable limits even further to 'out do' Rossi.

Someone could get hurt. Hard racing is one thing but we don't want serious injuries.

1001: VR now says it touches, if a touch he could not cut the corner, before he said he was hit and forced him to cut corners ... it's very cunning ... it touches but he said he had been hit [\blockquote]

MM slid with 2 wheels into Rossi and went off track himself. How in earth would Rossi have stayed on track on the outside line? Fanboy tears resulting in a deceptive memory. You should rewatch the ruthless maneuvre from MM and assume a virtual path that Rossi, in your opinion should have taken...You sound like HRC-crybaby Suppo. Bad loosers is all I can say.

I just read HRC stated that Rossi must have considered in advance to use the option to cut the corner.The tone was as if Rossi did something wrong.

Dear Suppo. An intelligent racer will have worked out several scenarios. Especcially when racing against a ruthless, impulsive and life endangering HRC-rider like MM. You should talk to MM instead before he puts someone into the hospital instead of crying about the missed oppurtunity to hurt your opponent.