Scott Redding has reason for optimism at this weekend's German MotoGP at the Sachsenring after making a promising start to free practice on Friday.

The EG 0,0 Marc VDS Honda rider was third fastest in FP1 before ending the afternoon session in eighth place on the RC213V.

Redding, who has endured a turbulent season so far on the Honda, was half-a-second down on the time set by Marc Marquez on the Repsol Honda but is finding life much simpler on the bike at the Sachsenring.

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"I'm quite happy with how it's been going. I can do longer runs with the bike and I'm not really fighting with it; it seems a little bit easier this weekend," said the 22-year-old.

"Nothing major has really changed. It's not like now I've got a new chassis or swingarm or I've gone to f**king rehab! Just a couple of small things and I got off on the right foot.

"You get a little bit more confidence with the feeling. Then your riding gets better. Then your lap time improves, your position improves. You start building your confidence rather than starting from the floor all the time.

"And to be fast you have to be slow. The most bizarre thing you could have is the more you think, 'right, now I'll make it', the slower you go. Now I'm making these fast laps you're not like, 'F**k! I'm on the brakes.' You're like, 'Ahhh, I'm on the brakes, now gently release it. Gently on the gas, pick it up.'

"You can't think, 'get on the gas quick or you'll lose everything'. That's the situation, to be fast and smooth. When you come out of a corner instead of going on the throttle when you want, you have to say, 'Ok, wait.' And you're stopping your hand from going."

Redding also revealed that one area where his height and weight was expected to be an advantage, controlling wheel spin, hasn't been the case.

"The problem is you put weight on the rear and then you get a wheelie which is worse. Actually what we've been trying to do is get my weight off the rear to try and spin more.

"Like in Barcelona exiting turn six the bike was faster if it span more. It's one of those things in the beginning where you think, 'ok, we've got more grip than the others because we're heavier'. Actually it's worse. We're trying to do the opposite to what you think would be right.

"We've got a few things that we need to work on for tomorrow. It's more with the front end because, while we have some spin from the rear, it's similar for everyone," added Redding, who posted his best lap in 1m 22.167s. "Through two corners I have quite a bit of bouncing from the front but in general I feel much better on the bike."