Cal Crutchlow was disappointed after finishing down the order in 12th position following the first free practice sessions at the Sachsenring on Friday.

The CWM LCR Honda rider ended FP2 0.8 seconds behind the factory Repsol Honda of Marc Marquez and said later that he felt there may have been an issue with the new Bridgestone rear tyre he fitted towards the end of the session.

"Bad day, I find myself in 12th position. I did my fastest lap after 32 laps with the rear tyre, put a new one in at the end and never went any faster," Crutchlow said.

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"I think there could have been potentially something wrong with the tyre, because I had maybe eight moments in five laps. Some big near highsides, which I haven't had any other time. Maybe we can look through data tonight and check the tyre.

"I think we are competitive enough. We need to improve in some areas, but overall I'm happy enough."

The British rider is seeking an improvement with the turning of the RC213V and revealed he is losing a lot of time in the first and last sectors.

"I need to try to make the bike turn a little better. We tried two different set-ups with the bike, the bike that I preferred isn't turning very well," he said.

"That's the problem. I need to maybe go somewhere half in between. I'm losing a lot of time in the first sector and the last sector. I felt quite on the limit on the last sector, but also I was not going fast. But I never had a clear run."

Crutchlow also confirmed that he has not been offered Marquez's chassis after the reigning world champion reverted back to last year's chassis at Assen.

"No, and it's not like anybody thinks. It's not like everybody's sitting there saying, oh, he's gone back to last year's chassis," said Crutchlow.

"His chassis last year was a lot different to all the other riders anyway. His chassis is in a different direction to us anyway, because his chassis was a lot stiffer than the other guys anyway, it seems.

"It's not even been discussed, and we have got to concentrate on what we've got. Changing chassis is not going to make me win a race. So I'm not looking at asking to change a chassis.

"Marc is riding a lot better, it's not just he's changed the chassis," he added. "I think he's riding a lot better, he's got no pressure now, he's willing to fight. If you look at what he's doing here this weekend, it's not just the chassis."

Crutchlow said he was satisfied with how he is riding at present, even if he surmised that he 'wasn't setting the world alight'.

"Honestly, I'm really quite content in the moment with how I'm riding, quite content with Honda, with my team, with everything. I'm not setting the world alight, but I'm not doing a bad job," he said.

"This is exactly at the moment what I need and what the team needs, and what Honda needs. I think there were a few things last year. I had some crashes, I had things going on behind the scenes that I was not happy about."

Crutchlow tried the asymmetric front tyre and admitted he felt 'quite good' with the tyre, even though he vowed not to use it before the weekend commenced.

"Honestly, I said to Beefy [crew chief] before the weekend, I'm not touching it. I lost 280 grand on that tyre last year, and I said you can keep it. I lost my bonus from Phillip Island," said Crutchlow.

"But we ran it because our allocation was really bad this weekend. They ended up giving us so many tyre choices, but you have to choose on an evening what we are going to run tomorrow.

"If we chose the 33 front, which is the medium, and we wanted to continue with it for the weekend, we're not going to have enough of them. And we want to have the 38, which is the harder one, just in case it warms up," he added.

"Honestly I felt alright on the asymmetric. I felt quite good with it, I'm glad Marc tried it before anyone else, and then everybody tried it. But the worry will be to try the 38 tomorrow, but if it warms up, it will be quite good."


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Not sure about the whole article due to my Italian is not that perfect, but there seems to be some trouble with sponsors/money at LCR at the moment and it might be that CWM is going to pull out the sponsoring. GPone has the article.