Eugene Laverty will race in Sunday's German MotoGP with a special helmet design in memory of Dr John Hinds, who died at last weekend's Skerries 100 Road Races in Ireland.

Laverty will wear a replica of Dr Hinds' helmet to pay tribute to his friend.

Dr Hinds earned his nickname as 'The Flying Doctor' by saving countless lives in both the racing and medical communities. He also worked as a fevered campaigner for a Helicopter Medical Support unit in Northern Ireland to offer quick response to serious accidents within the country.

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Laverty hopes that by wearing the helmet he can help raise awareness for the campaign. A petition was started following the accident to continue Dr Hinds' campaign for HEMS NI with over 45,000 people having signed to date.

"Shoei have made a one-off helmet for here and I'll wear it during the race as a tribute to John because he was a big hero to all of us back home," Laverty said.

"I met John in 2010 and he was always on hand to help me if I needed any scans or advice and coming from Ireland I have lots of friends who race on the roads and he saved a lot of their lives by being straight on the scene.

"I had a lot of time for him but also it's important to support HEMS for NI. I want to help raise awareness for that and the petition already has over 45,000 signatures and that was something that he worked very hard for."

Aspar Honda rider Laverty will start 23rd on the grid, one place ahead of brother Michael Laverty, who is making his 2015 MotoGP debut with Aprilia.

"I had heard a lot about John before we met, his reputation preceded him. An absolutely terrific guy who saved the lives of a number of my friends in his role as travelling Doctor," Michael Laverty said.

"John's personality endeared him to everyone he met, his passion for motorcycling combined with his renowned talent as a Doctor made him an icon in the Motorcycling world. John joked that he would come help me get my bike set-up as we were fellow BMW pilots this year, sadly we never got that day on track together. The world is a darker place without John Hinds."