Andrea Dovizioso expressed his anger after struggling to 11th place on the grid for the German MotoGP at the Sachsenring.

Dovizioso was dogged by a front-end problem with his Ducati GP15 in Germany and was unable to match the performance of team-mate Andrea Iannone, who heads up the second row in fourth.

"I'm very disappointed for the grid position. I'm very angry about that because it was the key point for the start tomorrow and here is very, very important - like in Assen - because the start is very short and narrow and it is very difficult to overtake at this track," said Dovizioso.

"In qualifying I had a problem with the front. I lost the front three or four times with the throttle. So I lose the feeling and I wasn't able to do a good lap time. I'm disappointed about that.

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"Apart from this we improved the set-up and feeling a bit this morning and our pace improved a little bit. Before we came here we knew that this track we weren't able to fight for the podium," he added.

"We are quite far from that. But it's not a surprise and we are still working," added Dovizioso, whose fastest lap in Q2 of 1m 21.503s left him 1.167s off the pole time set by Marc Marquez.

"The goal tomorrow is to fight for the fifth position. I think we have the pace but we are in a big group, so we will need a good start."

Dovizioso was unable to explain the problems he was encountering with his Ducati at the German track although he is more optimistic the issues won't be as prominent in Sunday's race.

"No [no idea]. In qualifying you always push a little bit more, have more grip, you make sometimes more angle. It's normal," he said.

"The characteristic of this track is lots of angle so maybe a little bit more angle was enough to lose the front easy. But our pace for the race, I didn't have that problem, so I'm not so worried about that.

"I think the competitors made a step so that is the main point. Second our bike is quite new but especially it is completely different to our old bike.

"So every time we go on the track the characteristic is different and every time we have to understand the speed you have, how competitive you are."

"I think for the characteristic I feel on the bike, from Barcelona is quite normal we are a little bit slower than at the beginning of the season."

The MotoGP championship enters its summer break following this weekend's ninth round, resuming at Indianapolis in the USA on August 9 and Dovizioso believes he will have a clearer understanding of the Ducati's true capabilities this season from the American race onwards.

"I think it will be very important from Indianapolis to understand our level. I believe from Indianapolis we will be closer, maybe up front, that will be an important moment to understand our situation," Dovi said.

"Because we knew before Assen and especially here that our competitiveness wasn't good enough, because of the characteristic we have.

"Also in Barcelona we weren't competitive compared to Yamaha, but I believe I was able to finish third. You have to get the result to speak about that, but I was unlucky," he added.

"But the reality is that especially the last two races, our speed is not the best. But I think it is normal for the characteristics we have and what we have to improve on the bike."

Comparing the GP15 to the Honda and Yamaha, Dovizioso said his rivals' machines have advantages in turning and handling respectively.

"The Honda and Yamaha are completely different. If we make a comparison with Yamaha, it is the turning. I believe they keep the main point and the grip," he said.

"They are able to make a wide line, with more speed. So they are able to turn faster and also they have a little bit more grip especially on traction.

"Honda I don't think have more grip than us. But, from the outside, it looks like the Honda riders are able to play with the bike in an easier way," Dovizioso added.

"I mean they play with the slide and are able to make a really good line with the slide. So they are faster in a completely different way."