Scott Redding said he lost another chance to 'prove himself' in Sunday's German MotoGP after tipping off on the opening lap at the Sachsenring.

Redding's race ended unceremoniously at the final turn when he lost the front of the EG 0,0 Marc VDS Honda.

The young British prospect said he was at a loss to explain why the front tucked as he enters the summer break on a low.

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"I just went in a little bit higher speed than we had, but not more than I did on say my fastest lap. On brake release I just lost the front. I don't really know why," said Redding.

"It felt like tyre temperature or something and if it was a right corner I would have accepted it, but there are a lot of lefts and then at the last corner it closes. Bit strange.

"I just didn't feel any bite from the tyre. It didn't give any feedback, it was just gone. I didn't go into the corner thinking 'f**k, I'm not going to make it'. I turned in and was looking at the exit and the next thing I know I'm on my side. That was that.

"It's just really frustrating when you see the lap times from the other guys and I could've been nicely in the top ten, fighting with that second or third group, at least for a bit, and then see what happened," he added.

"But I didn't have the chance to prove myself, again."

Redding had impressed during free practice on Friday after finishing third quickest before posting the eighth fastest time in FP2 and impressing again in third in FP4.

He eventually qualified in 14th place but his race was over before it really started and Redding was left feeling bitterly disappointed.

"Normally in the race I'm struggling to get the tyres to work. If it's not the front, it's the rear. The only place I felt good was Barcelona and there I held onto them for some time," he said.

"Other times, like Assen, I just had no front grip. I was just ploughing the front all the way round and the other guys pull away. So then today I thought 'good rhythm, good pace and just let it work. It will work'. I think that - and the next thing I'm down.

"I'm disappointed really because we had a good rhythm all weekend, including this morning and just couldn't do it when it counted," he added.

"So I'm a bit pissed off. Not even at myself, because I didn't do anything wrong. It was just gone.

"I had a little bit more drive coming up to the corner. I braked in the same place. I had a little bit more entry speed but not more than qualifying," Redding said.

"I just flicked in a bit quicker than I normally do, but the same as all the other guys. We're talking nothing for that. And that was it. Game over."

Redding, though, says he will try and focus on the positives from the weekend as he awaits his opportunity to make amends in the next round at Indianapolis in the USA in August.

"You've always got to find the positives and the good thing is that I felt better this weekend with the bike. I was kind of where I should be," he said.

"I was top ten most of the weekend except qualifying, where there is the soft tyre bullshit, but the sessions where it is not really a time attack and people are working on race rhythm we had the potential. So that's a positive thing.

"We did some changes to the front of the bike and it's given me a bit more feeling so we say. So hopefully going to Indy we can start where we left off. We just need a result," he added.

"I see light at the end of the tunnel and then someone shuts the door again! I feel like we made progress and then you don't finish the race. But I genuinely felt like we made a step.

"We ran used tyres most of the weekend and when we were behind someone like Marc [Marquez] we had more chance to follow. It wasn't completely over the limit.

"Still struggling a bit with qualifying, but the main thing is that we made a step in the race pace and consistency," Redding said.

"I just have to take that with me into the summer break and not start again, but forget all the bad shit and work for the second part of the season."

Redding has competed in triathlons and says the physical challenge is a huge boost for the ultra-high levels of fitness required as a MotoGP rider.

"I've done a couple for fun and also for fitness. It gives you another string to play with. You also get that fire for winning," he said.

"It keeps me a bit relaxed also. The harder you train and the more you push yourself the more you get back.

"Sometimes that doesn't happen in this [racing] and you almost have to do the opposite. So it is quite good to get that aggression out while doing it and when you come here you know you have to be smooth and gentle. That was the main thing we changed this weekend," he added.

"Hopefully we'll come to Indy with fresh minds. There's been a lot of stress for everybody. We've had a tough start to the season and now I'm just starting to get a foot in the door.

"So we'll see what we can do after the summer break."


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So frustrating! Finally showed a little bit of pace, only to completely muck it up... no-one to blame but Scott i'm afraid.

Meanwhile, Bradley is slightly disappointed with 6th place (and top satellite...)

Scott really needs to be on par with Crutchlow and Smith for the entire second half of the season, or it is going to be very hard to justify getting another crack in 2016.