At the conclusion of Sunday's German MotoGP race Honda, Yamaha and Ducati handed over the final sample of their factory ECU software.

This was to enable policing of a software development freeze, requested by the manufacturers themselves as they now switch attention to sharing ideas for the 2016 single ECU.

This ECU will be based on the current Open class system and jointly developed by the three manufacturers racing in 2014 (when the single ECU was agreed), Dorna and Magneti Marelli.

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"To speak openly the manufacturers have to freeze their own proprietary software so that they cannot steal the secrets of each other and use them on their own systems this season," MotoGP director of technology Corrado Cecchinelli told earlier this season.

"They just asked us to put a system in place to police the software freeze. That is our only role."

Under the supervision of the Technical Director, one ECU was needed from each factory and satellite team at the conclusion of the Sachsenring race, round 9 of 18. This will now be sealed and kept as the sample frozen software for that team.

The freeze only applies to Honda, Yamaha and Ducati with returning manufacturers Suzuki and Aprilia currently not part of the single ECU development.

While the freeze means no new concepts can be introduced to a factory's individual ECU software, the systems already in place have an almost limitless level of set-up adjustment.

Allowing input from the manufacturers was a crucial concession for the introduction of a compulsory single ECU.

If a software modification is unanimously requested by Honda, Yamaha and Ducati then it must be adopted. Likewise the manufacturers must unanimously approve any changes requested by Dorna's ECU development team, with the exception of maintenance or bug fixing.

How easily the three manufacturers can reach unanimous agreement remains to be seen...