Andrea Dovizioso believes Ducati's resurgent start to 2015 wasn't a true reflection of the field's potential and insists the GP15 is only a few small improvements away from consistently challenging the Movistar Yamahas and Repsol Hondas.

The 29-year old began the year in fine style, scoring 60 points from an available 75 in Qatar, Texas and Argentina aboard a machine that was debuted less than a month before the season curtain raiser.

Yet Dovizioso feels it wasn't a true reflection of the field as Jorge Lorenzo and HRC began to find solutions for problems which afflicted their early results.

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"The reason is two," said Dovizioso on Thursday afternoon. "[We were] Especially unlucky in some moment and another moment I made a mistake. That mix create the situation. This is something normal that can happen. We have to change and reset because I believe from this track we can come back closer to the four fastest riders, the Yamaha and the Honda.

"I think the test we did in Misano helped us to understand more from the beginning of the season until now. We didn't make a big improvement but I believe we can improve our speed and be closer to the fastest riders. My goal is to improve my position in the championship and I think it's possible."

Both he and team-mate Andrea Iannone tested for two days in Misano after the midway point of the series and although he feels Ducati didn't make a major step with set-up, gaining a greater understanding of the GP15, which is still in its infancy, was the main aim.

"Of course we need a step," he said. "What happened in the last few races and the situation we are in now I think is normal. What happened at the beginning of the season I think Valentino start in the perfect situation. Just Valentino use 100 percent of the potential of the Yamaha.

"The other three riders - Lorenzo, Marquez and Dani - for whatever reason didn't use the best potential like in the last few races. The reality is more what we see after a few races in the championship. What we saw at the beginning of the season wasn't 100 percent reality.

"We built a new a bike and win the championship is almost impossible. I believe with the level there is in MotoGP with bikes and riders is normal. We have to improve. But the good point is that we don't have any more big limit in any area. We just have to improve in a few areas just a little bit."

"In Misano we were focussed to understand on what we did from the beginning of the season until now. During the weekend race it's easy to not have time to try everything that you want and to have a clear idea of what you have done. We didn't have new material but it was very important for us.

When asked how much potential he feels Ducati has reached with the GP15, Dovizioso responded, "Nobody knows. It's impossible to know! But for sure we are matching with the people. I believe in them.

"It's difficult because the competitors are really strong. If we study this situation from Yamaha and Honda I believe in the past two or three seasons they didn't change the bike. They just improve a little bit the base. That's why they arrive in a special level with the bike. With the riders they have it's not easy to arrive in that level but it's possible."

In 2014 Dovizioso led the opening laps of the Indianapolis encounter before falling down the order to finish seventh. He feels the GP15 is ready to challenge the front four as he looks to get his season back on track.

"I believe the bike will be better. I believe the competitors are much stronger than last year. Also the situation they are in now. Valentino, Jorge and Marc are in a perfect situation and Dani doesn't have any pressure. He is very fast in this track. It will be not easy to stay with them but we will try."