Cal Crutchlow finished the first day of MotoGP qualifying in fifth at Indianapolis but believes there is a lot more to come after describing his feeling with his CWM Honda as 'rusty'.

The Englishman, eighth overall in the championship standings, ended an encouraging day just over 0.3s off Jorge Lorenzo's fastest time and finished two places and 0.15s ahead of 'Factory' Honda man Dani Pedrosa.

While Crutchlow feels confident of improvements on Saturday, he acknowledged Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Marc Marquez have a slight advantage as they completed FP2 on the same rear tyre.

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"We need to improve a little because I know Dani, Marc, Jorge never changed the rear tyre, and we all did. They managed to go faster in the end, even without changing the rear tire, and we all had to change the rear tire to go faster, so they have an advantage at the moment. But it's how you come out of the summer break.

"I feel quite confident. I feel quite rusty, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I think we we can gain in a lot of areas, we never really altered the bike a lot today. I was just getting used to riding a little bit. I felt OK, I never felt great, I never felt bad. To be fifth, I'm happy enough, but definitely tomorrow, it's going to be a little bit closer and a little bit harder, so we'll look to see where we can improve and change some things tonight for tomorrow."

"The track was the same for everybody today, as it always is in a session. The track's always the same. We have to look to our competitors today, and they're a little bit faster, the guys that I want to be racing with, and we need to look to improve our position and also our pace a little bit in a few areas. But it'll be tonight where we can start to understand a little bit more where we need to be quicker."