Scott Redding described his first day of MotoGP free practice after the summer break as 'not too bad' after he finished FP2 eighth overall in Indianapolis.

The Englishman was determined to carry his free practice speed from Germany over to the USA and was consistently in and around the top ten, ending the session less than one tenth of a second slower than Repsol Honda 'Factory' rider Dani Pedrosa.

"Today was good," said Redding at the close of Friday. "We have a few little things we need to try tomorrow, because when I put like four or five laps together, I start to lose front grip, with the tyre temperature going up. With both front tyres. I ran the hard which was better, but still the temperature goes up, the pressure goes up, we lose the front grip.

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"But in general it wasn't too bad. Also the rear tire drops quite quick, so we need to work a little bit for keeping the consistency, but overall it wasn't really a bad start to the second part of the season."

Asked where he planned to make improvements ahead of Saturday's action, Redding pinpointed front end feel along with softening the power delivery at the rear.

"Yes, we know where we need to go, we have a few little things we'd like to change, but not really enough time to check them all. So we need a little bit more from the front, we went a little bit softer, but when I was pushing for the lap time, I was pushing more the front, so it's not the right direction.

"And we need something to help the rear, because many times I touch the gas, and it's too hard initially. And also a little bit the change of direction is quite heavy. So there's many things we need to find the right way with."

Redding has struggled in qualifying throughout 2015 with Austin being the only occasion in which he has placed inside the top ten on a Saturday afternoon. However, early indications aboard a new tyre at Indianapolis suggest the Marc VDS man could cure those woes in Qualifying.

"We put in a new tire this afternoon, and I went half a second quicker. That's a positive thing here, I feel the difference with a new tire, so I'm hoping for qualifying we can maintain that rhythm. We'll see, that's the only thing we can do, just give it our best and try to get everything out of it.

"That's the thing, sometimes you find time and sometimes I don't. But today, when I put the new tire in, I could feel I would get the lap time, so we need to see in qualifying. Obviously, by FP3, the lap time is going to be strong, and then for qualifying to go more is difficult. But we have to see. Also with the weather conditions, maybe it can rain tomorrow, so we just have to stay in the line, try to improve the lap time as the weekend goes on."