Jorge Lorenzo overcame doubts generated by his first MotoGP crash of the season to lead 24 of the 27 race laps at Indianapolis on Sunday.

The Movistar Yamaha rider had been kicked from his M1 when the rear stepped out during morning warm-up.

"In the warm-up I had the first crash of the season. I think because I got a defective tyre, in my opinion, and it was not grippy enough. I opened [the throttle] the same and suddenly the bike pulled me away," Lorenzo declared.

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"So it was a little bit difficult to fight against my mind to recover the confidence and start the race with full confidence. But I did it and made the best start of the weekend."

The Spaniard shot past the Repsol Hondas of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa to lead into turn one, where he remained for much of the race.

"Even going faster than in practice our pace was not enough to win from Marc and his Honda, who were very strong all weekend," Lorenzo said.

"I pushed a lot in every corner and I probably lost more energy than Marc, who was following me. When he attacked I really didn't have enough energy and I wasn't fresh enough to make an attack on him."

Marquez made his move with three laps to go and went on to win by 0.6s. It deprived Lorenzo not only of a fifth victory of the season, but a crucial five championship points.

For much of the race Lorenzo was poised to cut team-mate and title leader Valentino Rossi's championship advantage from 13 points to one. But Marquez's late pass - combined with Rossi snatching third from Pedrosa - meant Lorenzo only gained four points on the Italian.

"It could have been worse and it could have been better," Lorenzo said. "We were really close to recover more points, probably twelve if we could have won the race and Valentino finished in fourth. But finally he overtook Dani and I lost the position with Marc and we could just recover four point.

"But anyway much better at this moment to be nine points behind than 13. So I can be happy. For sure in the future we will arrive at tracks where we can be more competitive and then we'll have to take profit and win races."

And is next weekend's Brno round one of those tracks?

"In MotoGP you never know what can happen until you get there and do a couple of practices. In theory Brno could be better than Indianapolis, but we have to feel and see what happens."


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Insidejob: "But Lorenzos chicken heart always gets the better of him. I think Yorgi should give up just like Stoner did or else he could hurt himself trying to prove something that he could clearly cannot."

Gosh! Such an outlandish statement says something about your 'appreciation' of the sport. Perhaps all the riders who came 2nd or lower should "give up just like Stoner." That would make for a really exciting series. [\blockquote]

Hate to disagree with ya, but even when the rain flags came out, JL (who normally backs off in mixed conditions) kept pushing the limits. Guess it's easy to call em chicken heart when you're not out there pushing the limits....I'm just sayin!!!

A lot of people are missing the mark. JL and MM have had lots of on track battles, with more to come. JL rode a brilliant race and pushed to the very limit. MM tried a few times to overtake JL, but lost the front a few times. He planned his attack to perfection and even though I'm a Yami fan, ya gotta give MM his props! JL and VR were exhausted but still a podium is a podium with such a long season.

The way the second half of the season has started, hopefully we'll have a 3 way tie for the championship in the finale!! Wishful thinking, hard racing, great to watch!!

It was good to see DP fighting back against VR, normally once VR goes by, DP consolidates his position and accepts it. Bring on Brno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!