Eugene Laverty described himself as 'pissed off' after he rapidly began losing strength in his left shoulder, meaning he was 'riding with one arm' from lap ten in the Indianapolis MotoGP.

The Northern Irishman was buoyed on Saturday afternoon by braking improvements and had set himself the goal of finishing as top 'Open' machine prior to the race.

However, the lingering effects of several heavy tumbles in the first half of the season began to take hold as early as lap three.

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The problems were exacerbated by the anti-clockwise layout at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Laverty's left arm lost all strength well before mid-race distance. 19th place was tough to take considering the good potential his bike was showing.

"After a few laps I knew I had a problem with my left shoulder," said a frustrated Laverty after the grueling 27-lap race, which took place is extremely humid conditions. "I was already nursing it when I was with the guys but I thought I'd be able to nurse it. But once I started fighting with Barbera and the guys it got to the point were I was riding with one arm. My left arm was useless. We really need to get to the bottom of it.

"I had it a little at the Sachsenring with it being anti-clockwise but I could manage it. Here I couldn't even ride the bike. I worked with the Clinica Mobile to try and resolve it. Speaking with them it's because I've been having so many big crashes lately. At Jerez, Le Mans and Mugello... I've been kart wheeling through the gravel trap each time headfirst. Every time it's got a bit worse. I'll get it checked this week so I can actually ride the bike.

"It's not as big a concern now as the tracks are mostly clockwise and Valencia is a long time away. Even when I was riding at Assen - there are one or two left corners there - I could feel it then. It's something that's going to be niggling I need to get it fixed before Valencia at the end of the year. I hate having to ride like that because I had a good bike under me today and the top 'Open' bike was dangling in front of me but it was taken away. I'm pissed off."

Laverty made a fine start and spent the early laps battling with Maverick Vi?ales' Suzuki. By lap three however, the 28-year old knew he had a long race ahead.

"I'd say three laps in [was when it started to hurt]. I was nursing it until ten laps in. After that I was riding with one arm. That's really difficult around here. With the upright braking at turn ten I could manage. You can use a little bit your right arm but when you're braking into corners like corner one with a little bit of angle you're doing it all with one arm. Unfortunately for me that arm wasn't working today."

Still, Laverty can take positives from a weekend in which he showed impressive consistency. Although the ultimate result is yet to come, Laverty recognises such trials are commonplace in a rookie campaign.

"We made a good start and did some overtakes. Even with Vi?ales in front of me I could see my bike was working well. There were some corners where he was holding me up and others where he was a bit stronger. It's a long time since I've had a bike like that.

"The last time was in Jerez when I was with Vi?ales as well. I made a good start and was following him. We're in a better way again. We went in a slightly wrong direction but it's my rookie year and it's going to be like that, figuring out this bike and the tyres and how to get the best out of them. From here on we can build on that.

"Huge progress. I'm on a bike again that I can really force. Qualifying just wasn't great but I was optimistic. My all-out one lap pace wasn't fantastic but I knew in the race I could be strong. I was confident I could stay in the 1m 34s and the 'Open' class win was once again possible but it's only a matter of time before we manage to hang in there to get it. The pace was good today and the bike was working really well. That gives me reason for optimism at Brno and Silverstone."


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Hope you get that shoulder problem resolved soon Eugene. Sandra & I had a little chuckle and also shook our heads when, pre-race, they were showing grid positions, and up pops CS in your position.
Pity you didn't have his bike under you. Who will have their testicles removed for that stuff up? Dorna will probably be pretty pissed withthat one slipping through!
Not real good for a supposed world class show, imagine if that occurred in F1