Scott Redding said it 'felt like I was floating' when he tried to increase his speed during the Indianapolis MotoGP as he struggled to 13th place.

A lack of feeling with the rear and a setting which didn't allow him to put his Honda RC213V's power down in a linear way saw Redding struggle in the 27-lap race.

On Saturday the 23-year old had said he felt he was content with his consistency around the 2.5 mile track as he set several times in the 1m 33s bracket.

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However, come the race and Redding found himself making mistakes every time he attempted to lower the lap time.

"The start was pretty good," said Redding on Sunday afternoon. "I was in the right place in the first few corners and I made some good moves, but when the guys started putting the lap times in I couldn't hold it. I don't know why. I just kept losing the rear on the exit for a few laps.

"Even this morning we were struggling for the lap time. Quite a loose feeling in the rear, then it was pulling the front. The race was better, but I still had the same problem. I just couldn't go faster. I was trying and trying and trying, and I just kept making mistakes every time I tried to improve.

"It's just I felt like I was floating all the time. Like I'd come in and the rear wants to come around and the front wants to pull away, and I get on the gas and it's not really digging in. It feels like it's OK at first, and then bruuuup, it's gone. So struggled really for that, and then the front closing from the middle to the end of the race, and that was it. It was just a brawl all the way through to the finish really."

Redding has said in the past the recently laid Dunlop rubber from the Moto3 and Moto2 races can at times alter his feeling in the race. Again on Sunday he failed to find sufficient grip as the bike felt 'a lot looser.'

"It's strange, I couldn't make that work anywhere. It's quite frustrating, because in the practices, we were holding mid 1'33s, which would have been the second group, but I just couldn't hold it. Each time I was trying and trying and trying and trying, made a mistake, going wide, and I just had to settle for 1'34s, and that was a bit frustrating knowing what I could have done.

"When I was behind Petrucci, I think I was tenth or something with Cal and Hernandez, them guys behind, I had two or three. I was trying to get on the gas, and it was like rruuuup, to turn the bike it was like, I've got it, I've got it, and it was just gone. I was thinking fuck it, it was three times then going, and then I backed the pace down a little bit in them areas, and tried to do the best of what I had at the time.

"[Track conditions are] the same for everyone, so it's not really an excuse I can use. It was just a feeling from yesterday to today, a lot looser, a lot more sliding, I just never at any point feel like the bike's in line, and like it's digging in and turning. As I go in the corner, I'm sliding all the way through the corner, so. We need to do something for Brno, I think."

Cal Crutchlow fell back to 13th on the first lap, meaning he caught and passed Redding on lap five. As he briefly sat behind his fellow 'Factory' Honda runner the Marc VDS man could see how he was struggling with mid-corner speed and corner exit.

"He was just carrying more corner speed than me, and the exit was more controllable. I was struggling all weekend with mid corner speed compared to the other guys, because I'd go in and I'd just feel like I'm floating all the time. So. I don't really know what to expect at Brno now, just go out and see what the feeling is. I think the guys have a few ideas to try something, but I can't say now what we're going to do."