Bradley Smith is still 'playing the waiting game' for a 2016 Monster Yamaha Tech 3 contract.

While a new deal for team-mate Pol Espargaro was announced last weekend at Indianapolis, Smith - fifth and the top satellite rider in this year's world championship - isn't sure when his future will be decided

"Obviously Indy was difficult, especially after my comments!" smiled Smith, who had made public his frustration at the time taken to complete a new deal. "I got a bit of a bad rap for it but at the end of the day I went on the attack, I tried to push something faster than it was, because things aren't happening as fast as I would like them to. Certainly nothing negative, it's just I'm going to have to wait a little bit longer than this weekend.

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"At the end of the day, I've expressed my interest to stay but I don't know if something changed compared to what we knew from last time. I don't know if Yamaha's plans have changed or Herve [Poncharal's] plans have changed, but just seems that I have to wait. I'm playing the waiting game at the moment. Which is fine. It is what it is.

"The good thing is that the other options are not going away, because only Pol's signed at the moment. I'd be more worried if we were in this situation and all the other rides are disappearing."

Is there a deadline?

"There is no official deadline, but in my head it would be nice by Silverstone. I think anything later than Silverstone we are risking it a little bit, because I need to make things clear depending on what's going on. I think during the Silverstone weekend I would like to know exactly what's going on.

"Also I'm playing the waiting game because I want to stay. I'm not putting a deadline because I want to stay here so much. So I'm just waiting."

Can you still focus on the riding?

"I think so because there were quite a few meetings going on at Indy and I still put on a great performance. So I can switch it off and one thing that's great within the team is that regardless of what's going on - contract talks or this, that and the other - my guys believe in me 100 percent and they are giving me 100 percent. There is no negative inside of the garage. Once we are inside the garage all the other political stuff is completely gone."

Is there any particular sticking point to explain why you are having to wait?

"Not really. This is why I questioned it a little bit. I don't really know what the situation is. I know obviously there have been rumours about other riders. I don't know if we are waiting for them to decide what they want to do. There is certainly no sticking point from my side. All of that got taken care of in Indy. There were a few things that I needed to put right."

Equal machinery, guarantees like that?

"Not really, more just making sure everything is open and clear and so on. Next year is quite an important season with the tyre rule changes and electronics. There were a few queries in terms of testing, but testing can't be done because of the limits in the rules.

"It's actually looking quite exciting for next year - depending on where I'm riding! - because the championship is going to get closer. I don't know how much closer, but it should give people like Tech 3, LCR and Marc VDS the opportunity to showcase a little bit more than now.

"Like I've said in the past, finishing 20-seconds behind the leaders is difficult to swallow, because I don't because we are that far behind."

And you'll be testing the Michelins here on Monday, for the first time since Sepang?

"Yes. It'll be interesting to know how the Yamaha is going now on the Michelins, also for future decisions."

While Espargaro is signed directly to Yamaha, Smith's contract has always been with the Tech 3 team, where he has raced since 2011 in the Moto2 class.


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I personally feel Tech 3 need Smith more than he needs them... he's a proven, quick, level-headed MotoGP rider now...

I feel his pain at not being given a new contract... his on-track results should have made it a formality by now, so why the hold up?

Maybe he should be making eyes at Marc VDS... he deserves that bike more than Redding.

Tech3 let Cal go?
Or did Call go because he got a 2 year factory deal at Ducati?