Johann Zarco may hold a dominant 71-point lead in the Moto2 World Championship, but he appears to have few options available to step up to MotoGP next season.

An all-French project with the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team has been rumoured, but while Bradley Smith is yet to re-sign he remains the overwhelming favourite to retain the seat due to his top satellite performances.

"Riding a Yamaha could be with Tech 3 I think, but looks like the rider want to continue the way with them. So not so many opportunities to go [to MotoGP]," Zarco said at Brno on Saturday.

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"For sure when we can be good in Moto2, fight for championship, it looks the time to make the step. But really this year I learned that the team is very important for me to feel big confidence on the bike like what I did today [pole] it showed that when I'm confident I can be really strong. In MotoGP the bikes are much more fast so if you have hesitation and you not with the confidence this can be the problem and can be dangerous.

"I think Marc when he did the step he was in a pretty good team and did fantastic things. I don't think I am like Marc because he is much more young and did incredible things before in Moto2, but it means I can be good. Just find maybe the right team. I have some opportunity. But still it's very not sure.

"Maybe don't think I'm too old, because I'm only 25, and Valentino showed that - even if he is the best of all - over the years he has showed that over 30 we can be still really, really strong.

"That's why maybe wait one more year, to have more better opportunities for next year. Really I don't know.

"But with Aki Ajo what I could learn is that we can do something special with the crew and it's useful for me, also in 2011 in 125 I was with him and I could fight for the championship. Again after two years in Moto2 I come back with him and I'm fighting for the championship.

"It tells me to be careful because you have something really good."

Rossi himself backed the Frenchman to do well if he reaches the premier-class.

"I think what Johann made this year is quite impressive because our championship is very close still, but in Moto3 and also Moto2 the top guys have a big advantage. There is a clear favourite, a lot in front.

"Sincerely I don't expect from Zarco this level and more than 70-point of advantage and I think that for sure he can be a very strong rider for MotoGP."