Cal Crutchlow described his mood as 'disappointed' and 'annoyed' after the CWM Honda man qualified tenth for the Czech round of the MotoGP championship.

The pole sitter here in 2013, Crutchlow had to enter into Q1 after missing the top-ten cut on Saturday morning as he continued to struggle with bike set-up, especially in the middle and on corner exit.

What's more, the Englishman had issues with a tendon in his right arm, which severely hampered his strength, after riding a MotoGP machine competitively for two consecutive weekends.

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"Completely disappointed, annoyed with how today's gone," said Crutchlow, eighth overall in the world championship. "We should have been a lot better at a circuit that is one of my best as such. It seems all my best circuits are this year my worst circuits. Hopefully that plays well for Silverstone. Honestly you could see from the TV images that the bike is all over the place.

"We're moving in the middle of the corner, spinning on the exit. There was vibration in that qualifying for no reason at all and we were using the hard tyre and the soft. We can't figure it out. We only had it on the left hand side. We're at the maximum with the package I had today. Sure I need to improve in some areas but I know how to ride around this track. I've done it many times. We just need to find the setting that I'm comfortable with.

He continued, "I've had some bad problems with a tendon in my arm. This morning you can't even imagine. After the session I couldn't even lift my arm. I promise you I couldn't even put the water bottle in my mouth or my hat on my head. I have a tendon problem on my [right] bicep. It runs into your forearm, which is fine. I don't have arm pump.

"The tendon is the one moving your arm and it's just inflamed from riding last week. Then this week riding again we can't settle it down. Every morning and afternoon you're riding. It seems a lot better in the afternoon. In the night it's throbbing. I have pain all night and when I wake up I stretch and do everything correct but there's nothing like riding a MotoGP bike. In the morning session I can't ride very well with it. In the afternoon it seems a lot better."