Andrea Dovizioso couldn't hide his disappointment at losing out in an intense battle for fifth position with Dani Pedrosa but felt the development work carried out on the updated GP15 at Brno was of definite benefit.

For the sixth race in succession Andrea Iannone finished as the top Ducati as Dovizioso struggled to carry corner speed in the middle of the corner of a track, which offered considerably little grip in rising afternoon temperatures.

Yet Dovizioso pointed towards the positives, believing an upcoming test at Misano between the Czech and British MotoGP rounds will provide ample opportunity to develop the updated GP15, which featured a more powerful engine and narrower radiator and fairing, further.

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"It depends on which way we see the race. My feeling before the race was quite bad, so the final result is not too bad, and fifteen seconds from the lead is not too much, so we have to see the positive things. But my feeling on the bike is not like the beginning of the season, and also I can't push really on the limit and be smooth, and it's so important for riding in that way.

"Anyway, is another important weekend for us to develop the bike, to understand about the bike for the future. The conditions in the race were very difficult for everybody, and we managed in the best way. I'm happy to go in Misano next Monday to test. Normally that test is for the race in Misano, but we will use that also to improve my feeling on the bike."

Speaking of the intense late-race battle with Pedrosa which saw him lose out on fifth position by less than a tenth of a second, Dovizioso continued, "Very bad that battle, because I wasn't strong, and my speed in the middle of the corner was very bad.

"I had a good braking, a really good speed in the straight, but to fight with Dani, I have to brake hard and slow down too much in the middle of the corner, so it wasn't a battle with the speed, which is what I normally like. But this is the reality.

"My speed in the middle of the corner was very bad. Everybody couldn't push in the race because the condition and the grip was very low, but for us, the limit is bigger than the competitive, so we struggle a little bit more.

"When I saw Valentino. He wasn't so fast, but where he was faster was in the middle of the corner. So the bike doesn't turn as good as Yamaha and Honda, and when the grip is low like here, you can't put the force to try to turn the bike, so if the bike turn better, make different."

Both 'Factory' Ducatis have struggled to finish within 20 seconds of the race winner since Iannone's stellar podium in Mugello and Dovizioso was content to skim five seconds off that deficit around the undulating 3.3 mile Brno track.

Asked to underline the current strong points of his updated machine, he said, "Just the power of the new bike is better. Our wheelie is already very good, from Qatar, our wheelie compared to the competitors is one of the good points for us. I didn't feel something different with the bike with the new fairing, but the speed is very good for us. So I can't know how much is just engine, or the mix of the engine and the fairing."