Eugene Laverty counted himself lucky to have walked away from a frightening high-speed spill on the exit to the first turn and felt his rear Bridgestone tyre was to blame.

The Aspar Honda rider had the misfortune of fitting one rear tyre in Q1 on Saturday that offered no grip before something similar happened in Sunday's race, in which Laverty knew something was seriously wrong as early as the warm-up lap.

Losing the rear at the exit of the fast, flowing turn one at the beginning of lap five, Laverty was extremely fortunate to not get collected by Jack Miller, who was forced off track in a bid to avoid the stricken 29-year old.

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"I'm ok and I was lucky because when I crashed Jack hit me when I was on the ground," said a frustrated Laverty. "I was fortunate not get injured. At least that was one positive from today, the only one.

"Things didn't feel good right from the start. It also happened in qualifying yesterday during qualifying. In Q1 we had two tyres and the first one was a disaster. The next one I had incredible grip. So the first tyre I had double the spin, which is huge and it seems like today I got another 'special' tyre. I was going to crash and lap six was as far as I could have made it today."

On Friday Cal Crutchlow was another man to point to the inconsistencies with Bridgestone tyres in FP1 and 2. Asked whether this had been a common occurrence for Laverty of late, he said, "Just this weekend has been quite strange.

"I was worried about and it's just unfortunate that it happened when it counted. I tried to push on the sighting lap and it felt ok but then on the warm-up lap I knew something was wrong. I was spinning the bike even then. I thought something wasn't right.

"I wouldn't like to say because Bridgestones are usually really consistent and there are never any problems but these were fresh tyres so we'll have to look at what's going on. I get tired of making excuses because these things happen at important times."

Although 20th on the grid, Laverty qualified as top 'Open' Honda and was confident recent machine improvements would lead to a positive race. The faulty tyre was even more frustrating given that he was confident of his pace aboard used rubber.

"It's all ifs and buts," Laverty continued. "That's what I don't like. Throughout my career I prefer to get the results than make excuses. It's better not to say much more and just keep working. I'm sure we'll get the results we deserve. The team have really improved the bike these last few rounds.

"It's true we got a little bit lost a few rounds ago but it's my rookie season and I feel we understand the bike better. I feel we've made big progress these last few rounds. I just really want to put that on paper on Sunday afternoon that always leaving disappointed.

"It was right there. The bike's working good. That's the important thing. It's not something we're looking at how we could find this pace because we've got the pace. This has never been a great circuit for me. It's always been a bit of a bogey circuit, a bad one. Silverstone has always been one of my best so I'm optimistic of going there."


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wjam: Greavesit.. Did yo even watch the race? Bike almost upright and flicks sideways at about 180kph. Absolutely not normal tyre behaviour.[\blockquote]

How can the tyre let go then if he's upright? Not normal bike behaviour then. Not necessarily the tyre. More likely rider error or electronics and unless you see the telemetry you don't know. [\blockquote]

so what you are saying is, WE need to see the telemetry to blame the tyre, but YOU don't need to see it to blame the rider?