Moto3 championship leader Danny Kent has said that he expects an announcement on his immediate future to come 'within the next couple of weeks' as MotoGP riders advised him to make the step up to Moto2 in 2016.

The top five riders in the current MotoGP world championship advised that the intermediate category was still relevant and, as Andrea Iannone said, a 'good school' for the trials and tribulations offered by a 260bhp premier class prototype.

Kent was offered a three-year deal with Pramac Ducati in Brno but it is now believed he will shun the deal with fellow-Brit Scott Redding instead rumoured to take the seat.

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Speaking after the pre-event press conference, Kent insisted he doesn't want to make the jump into a class without the opportunity to show his true potential.

"I want to try and get it over as soon as possible," said the 21-year old. "It crosses my mind it's always good to have your future written down on paper so you know what you're doing. It's important. I'm not going to rush into it. It's a dream for any rider to go to MotoGP. I'm not going to rush there if the opportunity isn't there to show my true potential and have sh*t results.

"I want to go there and make sure there's a package there so I can have good results and hopefully work my way up into a factory team. I'm hoping that within the next couple of weeks we'll have more of a direction in terms of where we're going."

The MotoGP contingent present on Thursday were asked to give the Englishman advice on the matter. Jorge Lorenzo admitted he wasn't sure of the correct path and it greatly depends on the quality of the bike on offer.

"It's a very important decision because it can decide which way is going to be your career in the next years," said the Majorcan. "It depends on a lot of things. It depends on the offer, it depends on the bike. It's very important to arrive in the right bike and the right team. He has experience in Moto2 but maybe two or three years ago so it's not the same than being in Moto2 this year and then jumping to MotoGP. I don't know. I wish him luck and he decides the best for him."

While Lorenzo stressed the need to have the right equipment at your disposal, Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and Andrea Iannone were adamant that Moto2 is a necessary stepping stone.

"I think it's better Moto2," was all Rossi was willing to contribute on the subject, while Marquez added, "I recommend like Valentino. I think he's young. One year in Moto2 is fine."

Iannone said, "I think Moto2 is a good school and it's really important to come in the MotoGP class. It's a good challenge. I think Moto2 is better and after MotoGP."

It was then left to Bradley Smith to quip that he wouldn't be giving Kent, leader of the Moto3 class by 45 points, any advice due to the younger Brit's refusal to listen in the past.

"I've given Danny advice in the past and he didn't listen to that one so he can make his own decision this time."


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madh4tt3r: haha bradders comment on it is classic and fair play to him, if you give advice when you are clearly better(at that stage and still presently) and he didnt listen then why try comment again now.

I personally think Kent should take the MotoGP seat because i dont think he is a rider like Marquez or Rossi, he might never have a season like this again in his life, I might be very wrong and it is so hard to judge but he should take the MotoGP ride while its on offer now incase he gets to Moto2 and disappears or becomes another sandro cortese or luis salom and then never makes it to MotoGP [\blockquote]

His advice was probably more like "that Mistral is a dog, don't get on it" but we all know what happened next.