Cal Crutchlow insisted there was no reason to panic after finishing day one of his home Silverstone MotoGP round down in 15th place.

The LCR Honda rider - who suffered big practice accidents in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 British MotoGPs - was held up on a new rear tyre early in the session and went on to finish the day 1.410s behind Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo.

"Just a steady day really. Honestly I was not pushing like I would normally push on a normal race weekend because it's bit me too many times here," Crutchlow said. "We know where we need to gain the time and there's a lot of guys who only did one fast lap.

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"So we need not panic too much. Hopefully we're not going to finish 15th in the race that's for sure! Last year I did and I thought I'll be lucky to finish 15th. This year I'm 15th, but my plan is still to finish in the top six."

Crutchlow explained: "At the start of the session me, Dani and Marc decided that we'd only use one rear tyre in that session - Scott as well - and I got held up. Completely and utterly held up. So that was it. The tyre was wrecked by then.

"We made some changes to the bike and it seemed a lot better in the last run. But with 16 laps on the rear tyre you're not going to be able to do amazing lap times and everybody else put a new tyre in at that point, except for Marc, Lorenzo and Dani."

The Englishman added that he didn't feel comfortable fitting the hard rear.

"I didn't want to go out on the hard rear tyre because with the Honda it just doesn't work. Yamahas have a lot more grip, they are able to use that hard rear tyre because their bike is pushing the rear tyre a lot, to make the grip, whereas ours isn't," he said.

"We've seen all these off-throttle highsides with the Honda before and at this place it isn't a good thing to try. We're so limited with the tyres because we can't use the hard; Yamaha can, the others have their soft [Open class] tyres.

"Honestly on a weekend like this, they need to give us more allocation of the softer rear tyres. If we need them. Which we do. Everybody does. Marc, Dani. But that's just the way it is.

"We need to look to tomorrow and hopefully it doesn't rain. That's the only thing I'm worried about. But I'm not overly concerned. I've started from the back of the grid here and finished sixth. Hopefully I'll start a bit further up and go six places forward or something.

"It's close, for a circuit that is so long. I'm 15th and not amazingly far away. 1.5s sure, which at the end of the race would be 30s and normally seventh or eighth place, but at the moment it covers 15 guys. We'll see tomorrow."