Sam Lowes took a dramatic home pole despite running out of fuel midway through Moto2 qualifying at Silverstone.

The Speed Up rider held his hands up and explained he missed his board telling him to return to the pits to refuel and consequently spluttered to a halt on the opposite end of the circuit.

It resulted in a manic dash with his stricken bike to the garages to grab fuel and with six minutes remaining stormed to pole position for his home grand prix, setting a new lap record of 2m 06.345s in the process.

"I messed up a little bit, missed my board one lap and it was obviously one lap too many. It was quite funny - no-one actually saw it - but when I tried to get under the fence I actually dropped the bike!" Lowes smiled.

"After that, I thought I could do a 2m 6.5 so to do a 2m 6.3 I'm really happy. It was probably one of the best laps of my career. I was under pressure and I made it happen and I feel really proud. I know there are a lot of people supporting me and I didn't want to let them down.

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"It was incredible to see all the fans after the flag, I went really slow and waved at everybody and could see all the support.

"I've tried all weekend, I've pushed in all the sessions and I couldn't have worked in any better way to put myself in a good positon for the race, which is what counts. I feel good. If it's wet or dry I think I can be there.

"I think the race will be great and hopefully I'll come out on top"

With speculation gathering that Lowes may be set for a further year in Moto2, asked the Englishman how he would feel about remaining in the 600cc class for 2016.

"It took three years to win in World Supersport. I've come here as a complete rookie. I didn't know the tracks. Last year really felt like I was starting again. It would be great to come back next year and be world champion. That's maybe on the cards..."