Resurfacing and other winter modifications carried out at Misano could result in the first sub-1m 32s lap time during this weekend's San Marino MotoGP.

That is according to Jarno Zaffelli, owner of the Dromo Circuit Design, which carried out the upgrades. Zaffelli is basing his predictions on software simulations plus actual lap time changes seen during the World Superbike event.

"Based on these facts, thanks to the design works entrusted to us, we can expect an improvement of lap time from 0.7% up to 2.5% depending on the bike category [Moto3, Moto2 or MotoGP] and weather conditions," he said. "So watch your chrono and see if MotoGP will be able to destroy the barrier of 1m 32."

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The current MotoGP best lap is a 1m 32.915s by Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez, set on his way to pole position in 2013.

Dromo pledged a faster and safer circuit due to the revised asphalt, improved run-off areas, plus corner and kerb re-profiling.

June's Misano World Superbike event saw the best WSBK lap time lowered by 0.681s, WSS by 1.134s and STK1000 by 2.590s.