Bradley Smith has said it is testament to his Yamaha M1's base setting that he showed solid speed on the first day of MotoGP free practice at Misano.

The current top 'Satellite' runner revealed he has only needed to make small tweaks to bike set-up before each race to adjust to a circuit's demands.

On the Adriatic coast both he and team-mate Pol Espargaro were consistently in and around the top six places and after finishing the day with the eighth fastest time as he feels the medium rear tyre is what he will use in Sunday's race.

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"We basically turned up with the same setting from Silverstone, rolled it out of the box and it works," said Smith. "Honestly, every race track this year, that's been exactly what we do. Of course, we look at spring rates from the past of all four Yamahas, and we put what we expect to be more or less there, but in terms of geometry, it's more or less there. Nothing changes any more. It's just boom, it works.

"I put the hard tyre in more to try and save tyres more than anything. It's interesting, because in Silverstone, the hard was actually an interesting idea, whereas here, it just seems to be missing that little bit. Because it's symmetrical, the same on both right and left sides, especially the left, there's just not enough lefts here to generate that temperature.

"In the end, when I was riding around, every time I went to the left side, I went, hum, I don't like that, so I thought, stop riding round on it, you are just wasting time. I did the first run on that, and then went to the medium, and then did medium in run two and three.

"Basically, it's just finding the balance between the medium and hard fronts. The medium has its positives but overheats, and the hard has its negatives but doesn't overheat. It's one of those difficult ones to find the balance around here. You spend a lot of time trying to turn in the first sector, but then you need the stability there for the hard braking into Turn seven, into Turn nine.

"Also, the fact that you are doing nine to 13 all on the right side, but the time you get to 13, you've basically got chewing gum underneath you, you can't do anything with it. So it's finding that compromise. Especially with the temperature creeping up during the weekend, you have to find the right direction."