Jorge Lorenzo took a hit to his right hand and 2015 title hopes when he fell at high-speed in the closing stages of a hectic Misano MotoGP race.

The Spaniard had been embroiled in a close duel with team-mate and title rival Valentino Rossi, but disaster struck through the fast turn 15 shortly after pitting for his dry bike.

The race began on slicks, with riders forced onto their wet bikes when rain spots turned into a steady shower. After converting pole into the race lead, Lorenzo retained a narrow advantage over Marc Marquez and Rossi during that first pit stop.

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Lorenzo then lost out to Rossi during the wet middle stages, with Marquez ducking out of the battle for a return to slicks as the conditions improved again with ten laps to go - a decision that would hand victory to the Honda rider .

By contrast the boys in blue were the last to stop, costing them both a shot at victory. Speaking in the Misano paddock on Sunday evening, Lorenzo explained his reasoning for staying out so long.

"Maybe you can win if you enter the pits and change to the slicks early, but if you crash [in the wet] you can lose the championship," he said. "So that's why, knowing that I was second, I waited a little bit to see what Valentino was doing because if we both entered the pits at the same time, with dry tyres, maybe I could be faster than him afterwards.

"But if I entered the pits [before Rossi] and then it started raining I could crash and get injured, or he might win and I'd lose 25 points. For this reason I decided to stay out. Maybe I made a mistake. One of two mistakes today.

"Probably I needed to trust more what the team were saying on the pit board because they were looking at the lap times and everything. But now it's too late and it's not worth complaining because it's done."

Lorenzo did ultimately pit one lap before Rossi. It was too late to win the race, but could have been enough to pass the #46. However Lorenzo's challenge came undone in dramatic fashion when he was sent tumbling through the gravel trap on his out lap.

"The second mistake was after the second stop. It was very difficult to warm-up the tyre and get used to the feeling again of the slick tyre," he said. "When Redding passed me so quick I lost a little bit the patience, because I felt I was going too slow and needed to hurry up or they would all catch me.

"That's why for one moment I didn't pay attention that this corner [Turn 15] is a left after many rights. You have to be careful there even in the dry. I didn't pay attention to this factor and I entered too quick for the temperature of the rear tyre. That was the mistake, because if I was a little more patient second or third place would have been mine."

Lorenzo's consolation was that X-rays ruled out an injury to his right hand, while Rossi could only manage fifth place, his worst result of the season. Nevertheless, The Doctor is now 23 points ahead with five rounds remaining.

"We have to be positive, there is no point to complain or regret anything," said a calm and relaxed Lorenzo, bearing visible scrapes on his forearms. "I made these two mistakes. I'll try to learn from it for the future. Now it's 23 points, but during this year we previously recovered 29 points.

"So it's possible that can happen again, or that Valentino can make some mistakes. For sure he will have some pressure, because now he has more to lose than to win. I have much less to lose than especially Silverstone but also here.

"To be honest in the dry conditions I feel ready to fight for the victory in all the tracks. But obviously we don't need any more races like today or Silverstone. This is true."

He joked: "Today was just not my day. I was making a Formula One race on the Playstation and I ran out of fuel on the last lap. So I couldn't even finish a race on a Playstation!"

The next round will be held in front of Lorenzo's home Spanish fans at Aragon, where he took victory in the wet one year ago.


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LOL "Don't you dare" from Gunna4699 sums it up nicely! And actually celebrating hard for 3rd place - makes it even WORSE.

I found it hard to stomach because even I, outside the loop on the track, knew the accident was very serious. But Rossi fans, conveniently missing the point.

bri t:
SkyWilk: [\blockquote]he won the race in which Tomizawa was killed. I firmly believe Rossi knew he was dead but it didn't stop his winning celebrations on the track, which I saw as a lack of respect for the dead. Especially the very recent and near dead.[\blockquote]
Two agrees for this sh8t from some idiots without
second thoughts.
I am curious, did you just really see Rossi doing
victory celebrations that day? or is it you just
vomiting something here to fill text space for
expressing your hate,,? When the content you
post is likely to be sensitive, don't ever dare put
up without getting your facts right...[\blockquote]

To the detractors of my post . First second or third does not matter I'm sure 100% I saw Rossi celebrating hard. I see all the Rossi fans trying to get me on technicalities of what I said - not the motogp, not that position - all so they keep their idol virgin clean and avoid the truth.

You are right tho, I foun

Cold tire no doubt helped by the bike being out on pit lane without warmers, and your team telling you to "box". Maybe if you had come in when told....?

SkyWilk: People here defending hooliganism, unbelievable.

As for personality goes, i find it funny, none of you know Rossi personally, how do you know that all he does isn't just an act for the camera? He might be a very different person in private, and he's public tantrums against Michelin and the "wall" sure seem to indicate someone that is far less "easy going" than the character he tries to portray.

As for Lorenzo, he doesn't need to threat Rossi's "legacy", he has a legacy of his own.[\blockquote]

Well you know this will go down like a lead balloon but he won the race in which Tomizawa was killed. I firmly believe Rossi knew he was dead but it didn't stop his winning celebrations on the track, which I saw as a lack of respect for the dead. Especially the very recent and near dead.

Garcia: Anyway it was good to see that Rossi tavullia fan club made a statement saying that they were not going to boo Lorenzo on the podium. It's embarrassing for Rossi too, and he has some kind of responsibility I suppose, if you don’t condemn this kind of behaviour then it becomes "normalized", people think it’s the normal thing to do, and then do it all the time. So good for Rossi or his fanclub for saying that.[\blockquote]

Yes the Official Fan Club stance is good and to me shows pride and confidence in Rossis skills. Cheering a crash, to me, seems like those people are insecure about the extent of Rossi's skills and it was a 'big relief'.