Dani Pedrosa's Misano MotoGP podium hopes ended when the Repsol Honda rider missed a pit board signal to change bikes - for the second time - due to the drying track.

"The first reason was I couldn't really see it was getting dryer. The tarmac didn't really tell you if it was dry or wet," said Pedrosa, when asked why he took so long to stop. "The second reason is I missed my pit board four laps in a row, they showed me "box" four times, and I missed it.

"I was behind another rider and he didn't stop, and also [then race leader] Rossi didn't stop, because I could see him on the TVs in one or two corners. Sure, I check now the lap times and I lost about ten seconds per lap. So for four laps is 40 seconds, and there I lost the podium," declared the Spaniard, who crossed the line in ninth place, 39s behind race winning team-mate Marc Marquez.

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"The team did good, they showed me on the board [to pit], and the bike was ready. So kind of my fault in that moment. Just can say thanks to the team because they did the right thing, but I missed out on the strategy."

Pedrosa added that part of the problem is simply down to the small number of races held in changeable weather conditions.

"These races are more like Formula 1, we are not used to these things," he said. "In my case, today I missed the board, so I have to make sure I look at the board all the time, and I'm more aware of it. But at the same time, it's very difficult to do that and be focused on what you are doing.

"So, learn from this, train more in this kind of moment, and remember for the next race this kind of experience. But with the weather, it's always kind of hard to say. Who would think we would stop today twice?"

Asked if things like helmet radios or dashboard signals should be introduced to help teams communicate pit stop instructions to riders, Pedrosa replied:

"Sure, there are many things you can do in these kinds of situations, but in the end also, it's more easy if you just look at the board and the team is doing the right thing. I missed the board a few times, and there it was."


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big paycheck ,contract already signed for next year ,why should he care his year has been a wreck and he seems not to care ? why should he ? he looks like a frump but he seems to always be a nice pleasant guy to talk to who knows ? what's he gonna do after next year ? open a motorcycle shop . we probably won't see the fast Little Dani much anymore this year .I still rate him as an Alien or maybe we should call them the Fantastic 4 ?