Bradley Smith has earmarked several factors, including access to data acquired by Movistar Yamaha at a recent test here, that can contribute to him having a successful MotoGP weekend at Aragon.

Less than two weeks after securing his best MotoGP result to date, Smith comes to the Motorland Aragon circuit in a confident frame of mind, emboldened by the strong base set-up of his Yamaha M1 and the Bridgestone tyre allocation

"I don't remember this track being really negative for our bike," said Smith. "A lot of people were saying this place isn't a Yamaha track. I actually enjoy coming here because you get good grip from the racetrack. There is quite a bit tyre drop here. It's between qualifying and the race and then in the race it drops off quite a lot so electronics and riding style will be crucial here."

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Movistar Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi have already tested at the track next to Alca?iz twice in 2015, once before the Dutch TT and the other before Misano.

While the satellite Tech 3 outfit weren't present Smith feels access to the factory outfit's data will be useful in choosing a set-up direction to take.

"At the end of the day it can only help us. We can look and study their data and look at what they changed in the last four days to see what works here. Maybe even start with an electronics base that is more revolved around that, which is more current than twelve months ago.

"I know the guys have the ability to look at it but we'll start with our base setting already because we don't want to pre-empt anything. Hopefully their data can help us speed up our choices."

Pressed on why the Aragone circuit is particularly hard on tyres, Smith pinpointed the number of fast corners and time spent on the edge of the tyre.

"I think it's the nature of the layout. A lot of high-speed corners and a lot of time on the angle. One of the difficult things with these bikes is to keep grip on that maximum lean. When you can go into the corner and pick it up all the time, the shoulder and the centre part of the Bridgestone is pretty durable.

"It'll stay there the whole part of the race. The edge is one thing that seems to drop off the most on these bikes. That's why we suffer more here than usual circuits."

With temperatures this weekend not expected to match the heights of previous trips to Spain, Smith feels cooler conditions will also be of help.

"Potentially a little bit less. Less here than in previous years because it's been well over 30 degrees. It looks like with the circuits they've either been cleaning the track or taking the rubber away that's been laid down before by cars. That should help us. When that gets hot it creates like a grease film so when we go over it it slides as well.

"There are a lot of things that are working in our favour. The Bridgestone allocation this year seems to help the Yamahas a little more that it did in the past as well. We'll wait and see what happens tomorrow."