Bradley Smith acknowledged how difficult it was to achieve speed over race distance and a single lap as he qualified tenth for Sunday's MotoGP race in Aragon.

The current top Satellite rider believes he has successfully worked on the former and views his early race, and making his way past Danilo Petrucci's Pramac Ducati, as key to the final result.

"Here you can't have both. With me I couldn't seem to have both. I needed to have one or the other and I focused a lot on my race pace for tomorrow. I didn't do bad one, a 47.8 is I think .8 quicker than I did last year. I tried to make the bike for tomorrow's race rather than for qualifying and paid a little bit of the price of it because starting from 10th is a little bit too far back.

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"A Suzuki, Petrucci will start in front of me. Then the rest of them isn't that bad. It's kind of Cal, Pol, which I imagine we'll be fighting with anyway. So I need to be a little bit open-minded to know that it's not terrible. But I'm going to have to get a move on early in the beginning, but also it's 23 laps and I know that my race pace is quite strong, so I'm not really too worried about it.

"I didn't feel a massive difference on this morning to this afternoon so I'm not feeling a massive drop off. Obviously you need to manage the traction control a little bit because the more that you spin the hotter the tire gets, the hotter the tire gets and the greasier it gets. So it's just a case of being smart and managing the traction control a little bit and sacrificing maybe a little bit of performance in some areas but gaining it in the longevity of the tires and that's kind of what we're looking at.

Smith was none the wiser for suffering a crash on Saturday morning at turn four.

"I don't know. For me either cold tire or something ended up on the tire from yesterday because I just rode out of the pits and went into turn 4 and the front just went completely... I just rolled onto the side of the left and it just went completely. Didn't even try and grip. So it was a shame that one."