John McPhee remains confident he will secure a competitive ride in the Moto3 class for 2016 as he hopes to continue with Honda machinery.

The 21-year old Scot who has endured a trying season with the Racing Team Germany set-up has said he is currently weighing up options to ensure he has "a good package around me so we can push at the front".

With one or two of the class' big names yet to be confirmed in the 2016 line-up, McPhee is waiting for the usual jigsaw of rider-shaped pieces to fall into place before he can announce his own plans.

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"It's all looking positive," he said in Aragon. "I'm fairly happy with the position I'm in. I'm waiting for a couple of other riders to decide where they're going. We do have options there. The main aim is to stay in Moto3. If possible I want to stay with Honda. They've put a great bike out there, what is a championship winning bike. Those are my two main goals.

"We need to have a good package around me, so we can push at the front if everything comes together. The main focus is next year for me. I want to enjoy these next four races, get good results but the main focus is next year".

McPhee is under contract to stay with Racing Team Germany for 2016 but he feels as though that has been overlooked as the outfit's plans for the following year remain unclear.

"I don't really know what's going on. On paper my contract says that I'll stay with the team. The contract looks as though it was signed a year ago and forgotten about now. A lot of things haven't been followed up. We don't really know at the minute. The team doesn't really know if they're coming or going. I haven't got much information.

"Now that the pressure of the race has been so I'm hoping I might find out a little bit more. At the minute I don't really know the position I'm in or the position the team's in. I hope to find out something soon because it's getting to the stage when I need to get something sorted".

The team reverted to McPhee's 2014 bike for the Aragon race weekend after they concluded that they were unable to extract the maximum from the current frame.

A much-anticipated one-day test after the previous round at Misano underlined the need to return to the older machine, one which McPhee understands well and took to the cusp of a podium finish in the final rounds of 2014.

"The fact we've been so up and down this year. We've really struggled to find the setting. I think the team have admitted they don't understand how to set the bike up. With the lack of testing, that didn't help either. We are back on last year's bike. We changed to that this weekend. It obviously takes a bit of time to get back to that.

"We've been working on the 2015 settings all year to improve. We brought last year's chassis and put this year's settings in. It's good, we know that. A couple of tweaks but I was feeling pretty good in the race. Like you say, we were strong in the last couple of races last year in 2014 so I'm sure we can push closer to the front.

"There was a bit of confusion [at the Misano test]. We tried to do a back-to-back test and then realised we didn't have all the parts to do it. We only had three one-hour sessions. By mid-day my normal bike was sat there in bits and it was looking like I wasn't going to get to test it. We didn't really have much of an option to be honest.

"Thankfully I've jumped on it. I wouldn't necessarily say it's better. Some areas are worse. For us and the position we're in, I feel comfortable on that bike. I know how it reacts and we understand better how to set it up. If we can make the best out of that then we're going to be better than what we've been using for the first three quarters of the season."

The feelings with the machine around the Motorland Aragon circuit were mostly positive for the Racing Steps-backed rider. While McPhee came home outside the points in 17th, he was engaged in a fierce ten-rider scrap for eighth.

Had it not been for an errant move on the final lap, the Scot was confident he would have finished higher.

"On the last lap I got pushed out at turn four. I lined up myself up well and was fourth in the group. It was a reasonable position considering there were two big passing opportunities coming up. Somebody outbraked themselves and hit me from behind then ran me off track. Obviously what happened on the last lap I was a bit unlucky. I was a little bit far back and couldn't do anything. That's part of racing I guess.

"It would have been nicer if we could have been a bit closer to the front. I think we had the pace to go with that group. This weekend we've managed to make a step with the bike. We're still a bit up and down consistency wise but we've definitely better step. We're in a much stronger position now goind to the next race. I almost feel we've got a base setting. Obviously it's way too late in the year but we just need to try and finish the next four races as strong as possible."

The result sees McPhee slip to twelfth in the championship standings.