Ducati unleashed a new second set of winglets during final practice for the Japanese MotoGP at Motegi.

In addition to the side winglets seen since round one in Qatar, and extended at the Sachsenring, the Italian team added a further set at the front of the bike - similar to those unveiled by Yamaha at Misano.

"They should help the bike to reduce wheelies even more," explained Ducati's Paolo Ciabatti. The wings are also thought to help under braking.

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Andrea Dovizioso and team-mate Andrea Iannone used the extra wings on their way to fourth and fifth on the grid in qualifying.

"The new winglets look big, but the effect of them isn't that big," said Dovizioso. "I didn't feel any negative points with them and if you don't feel anything negative in turning then [the overall effect is] positive and you'll continue to use them."

Wings aside, both Dovizioso and Iannone admitted more was possible in qualifying, especially given the extra-soft rear tyre on offer to those with the 'Open' class concessions this weekend.

"I'm a bit disappointed about my fourth place, but I think that at the most we could have got a third place and nothing more," Dovizioso said. "So for me that's OK, because I also feel we've worked well throughout the weekend and we have a good race pace.

"We're still missing a bit of pace to stay with Lorenzo, who is quite far away, but we are back to being quick and amongst the frontrunners once again. Now we'll only get a better idea of how competitive we are in tomorrow's race."

Iannone, who had been second fastest in Saturday morning practice, added: "I'm really sorry about the way qualifying went because for sure we could have done better, but unfortunately I wasn't able to be particularly efficient today in my two runs.

"For the rest I am quite happy with the way the weekend has gone: we have worked well and we managed to improve in each session and this is positive in view of tomorrow. My race pace is not bad at all and I hope that we can still do a bit of fine-tuning in the warm-up to make my GP15 better for the race. "


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this should be banned completely, look how ugly is that

SoSlo: i had no idea they were carbon, i thot they were hard rubber!![\blockquote]

They always used carbon. I don't know if that recently was changed. Previously they were rather thin, no way rubber would have withheld a downforce of about 10kg they apparently generate

In one of the races this year Dovizioso almost hit Rossi in the back braking late into a left hand turn and hence almost cutting his left leg with the sharp carbon wings.

It will take some time until someone gets hurt by these carbon appendices.

Maybe the next idea will be to cover the fairing with sharp nails and a few pins on the helmet for the show...nothing seriously dangerous. Just to make sure your late braking will stick and the block-pass will not be answered...

And before I forget it a stainless steel sharpened shark fin on the Helmet for Lorenzo :-)