Alex de Angelis is still listed as being in a 'critical condition' following his accident during the Japanese MotoGP weekend, though he is suffering no further complications according to the latest update from Iodaracing.

The Sammarinese suffered a series of fractures and injuries after crashing during fourth free practice at Motegi, where he was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Dokkyo Hospiptal.

The Iodaracing team has given a latest update as of 13th October

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The clinical conditions of Alex De Angelis, admitted to the intensive care unit of the Dokkyo University Hospital (Mibu City) in Japan, following the tremendous fall in FP4 GP of Japan, are stable.

de Angelis has spent the night well without any complications. There aren't any complications in the clinical picture of the San Marino rider, but his conditions are still critical due to the numerous back fractures and internal injuries, as pulmonary edema and intracranial one, both constantly monitored by the Japanese medical personnel in Mibu.

From yesterday, De Angelis is not sedated, but is alert and conscious. In the coming days it will be repeated the CT scan to monitor intracranial hematoma that did not present changes from its appearance two days ago.

The San Marino rider is constantly attended by the owner of Team e-motion Iodaracing, Giampiero Sacchi and from Clinica Mobile MD. Michele Zasa. The Alex De Angelis family are reaching the Dokkyo University Hospital in these hours.