Outgoing MotoGP champion Marc Marquez has been 'working a lot and learning a lot' during a difficult 2015 season.

Marquez has battled a lack of rear-wheel grip under braking with his Repsol Honda, plus aggressive wheelies on corner exit.

At Phillip Island on Thursday, Marquez was asked about using his body position to try and control the wheelies, as seen in the image below:

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Marc Marquez corner exit, Motegi (pic; Gold & Goose)
Style comparison, Dani Pedrosa corner exit, Motegi (pic; Gold & Goose)

"Yeah this season I am working a lot on the bike," Marquez replied. "On the brake point one [body] position, then going into the corner another one, then the mid-corner another one, then the exit another one!

"I think this in the future will be a help because I'm learning a lot to try to manage the [body] weight. Maybe in 2013 and 2014, also I work but in a different way. But this season year, I'm working a lot. It's more physical but when you have problems you try to [fix them].

"I think the fast corners here will be better because it looks like where we have more problems is in the hard brake points, stopping the bike, and acceleration. Here the accelerations are already with high rpm and high gears, so this can be a small help."

Marquez, a title winner in both his previous MotoGP seasons, officially dropped out of 2015 contention following a fourth place at Motegi last weekend.

"Of course now my head is more on next year pre-season, honestly, but still remain three races so we are looking forward to finish these three races on the podium," Marquez said.

"We will, see if we can win or not because it looks like both Yamaha riders are really strong and I think Jorge will be really fast from FP1 every weekend. So we will try to be there on the podium and be competitive and finish the season in a good way."

Phillip Island will be the second event since Marquez underwent left hand surgery for a fracture sustained in a mountain bike accident.

"The hand is much better. Now it's fine," claimed Marquez. "In Japan was painful but here I think will be better. Still I will use at the moment at least the special handlebar but we will try to be competitive from the beginning."

Motegi and Phillip Island are the only current circuits Marquez has not won at in the MotoGP class. Marquez crashed out while holding a comfortable lead in last year's race, one of several high-profile fallers in the cool and windy late-afternoon weather.

"I look forward to this weekend because Phillip Island is one of my favourite tracks, always you enjoy a lot riding here. Maybe we were unlucky in the last seasons but it is a special track."