Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez says he has moved on from his controversial clash with Valentino Rossi at Sepang and is now focused solely on winning the final MotoGP race of the season at Valencia.

Marquez crashed out of the Malaysian Grand Prix after contact was made with championship leader Rossi in a now infamous incident, with Rossi set to start from the back of the grid in the title finale on November 8 after receiving three Penalty Points as a result.

A war of words erupted between the premier class stars in the aftermath, with Marquez claiming Rossi had 'lost control' while The Doctor blamed outgoing champion Marquez for deliberately interfering with his race to hand an advantage to Jorge Lorenzo, who is seven points behind his team-mate going into the last round in Spain.

"During the whole weekend, I think we were really competitive and we had a good pace. I also have to congratulate Dani [Pedrosa] as he raced at a spectacular pace. And, of course, for claiming victory," said Marquez.

"Everyone was able to see what happened in the race and I've said everything I had to say. Right now, I'm only thinking about Valencia, enjoying that GP and giving you all a good race.

"So this week, when I get home it's off to training hard, which is what I like best. Being able to work alongside my brother, Alex and focusing on some of the routines that we tend to do is what I'm mostly in the mood for now before travelling to Valencia," added the 22-year-old in his official Repsol blog.

"The nicest thing about Cheste is that it's one of the circuits of the year in which we race in front of our own fans, and that's always special. Also, because it's the last one of the year, the energy there is always amazing, and that's something you notice every single day of the GP from the day you get there."


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I'm a Rossi fan, and maybe I'm being naive but its not over yet... Marc and Dani could easily finish 1-2 in Valencia, and providing JL finishes behind them, the title could still end up with Vale... GO GO GO GO REPSOL HONDAS!!!!!

bri t: Err NO. He could have easily ended up in the gravel, or because they were still riding fast (unlike MM - VR clash) could have ended up seriously hurt and lost the title thanks to the Team Player (sarcastic) VR.[\blockquote]
Search : "A Decade in MotoGP 2002-2012" and see what JL confessed about Motegi 2010: "A 4th position behind Rossi was a good result. But I fell into the trap and I wanted to get a podium, I WANTED TO BEAT HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A HEAD TO HEAD. I was too ambitious when I only needed to finish 4th."
I see many amateurs trying to defend Marc on here with nothing of substance to say, just spreading misinformation and blatant lies.[\blockquote]

Are you saying VR didn't want to beat MM and MM didn't want to beat VR just now and that VR didn't ease off JL back then? All looks the same to me.

Yearby23: Also Marquez and Lorenzo don't like each other so why would Marquez help him? [\blockquote]

Because their "god" Rossi said so.

In Malaysia:
MM wins -- Helped Rossi by taking points away from JL
Iannone finished ahead of Rossi -- Took points away from Rossi.

Rossi in the next press conference: "MM helped JL win championship"

Did they learn math in school? I'm still shaking my head...

Suppose its easier to blame someone else rather than yourself. VR Fan history books will say VR didn't lose, MM made him lose. It was all a conspiracy!!!

Then again VR could still get the WC.

PR: I see a few comments making analogy with what happened in Motegi 2010. Is this a joke? Really? Jorge by that time almost had title in the bag (Dani DNS etc.). He could've easily afforded to cruise behind Rossi, and even he admitted it, but he choose to battle because that was about something else... it was about proving who was the better rider in that season. Rossi sent the message loud and clear: you'll only win it because I wasn't there for all the races.[\blockquote]

Err NO. He could have easily ended up in the gravel, or because they were still riding fast (unlike MM - VR clash) could have ended up seriously hurt and lost the title thanks to the Team Player (sarcastic) VR.

Yearby23: bri t

Glad people remember Motegi 2010...when Lorenzo wasn't allowed any development data also as there was a wall in the garage at Rossi's request.
Great 'team' mate.[\blockquote]
Yea I was mainly pointing out the way VR raced with JL but after trying to edit my post to put the link in there...I finally did it so hopefully you can see what I mean! :)

Again 1min watch?v=7NBo19UfG8o on youtube.

VR can't take what he likes to give. But yes, in this moment it was even worse as his team mate was also riding for Factory Yamaha!

Gilles27: I have followed all forms of Motorsport for more than 4 decades and spent the better part of 20 yrs participating as either a crew member or driver.I cannot for the life of me understand what Rossi and his supporters mean when they say Marquez was " interfering " with Rossi's race. Marquez did not do one single illegal move yet hords of half wits claim he is the one who should be penalized . Bizzare . I used to live Rossi but his behaviour in the last 2 weeks has changed my mind totally. If MM was slowing him down so much he should have passed him and carried on instead of cheating then crying like a baby[\blockquote]

The worrying thing is the 'interfering' was somewhat adopted by race direction.

*So VR in title contention and MM (not a title contender) "racing" him is interfering.
*JL in title contention and VR (not a title contender) "racing" him was not interfering.
Confused? Think back to Motegi 2010 or look here at 1min watch?v=7NBo19UfG8o

"enjoying that GP and giving you all a good race"

Sorry MM that seems to be something you cannot do without people pointing the finger at you. I mean, how dare you want to race at the next race.

I'm sure you would like to just move on and leave this in the past but the fans will remember this forever. Unfortunately, your past dictates your future, which isn't looking too good at the moment....


Marc was the one who made Vale to take the wideline , and he hit Vales foot with his helmet trying to make Vale fall as well.
Vale is innocent .. It's only Marc's fault !! ..


I believe your correct on this one. MM was coming in so hot at times it was almost as if he was hoping for a lowside so he could take Rossi out and say this is racing...

Maybe your career should be in the past. You realize now your actions are coming back to bit you in the arsh and it's too late to take that back now...