The final round of the MotoGP season is Valencia and we look back at all the Stats & Facts from the Valencia GP in our exclusive 'Preview In Numbers'...


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I love how people keep saying that Rossi isn't faster than Lorenzo. I didn't hear anyone saying this at the start of the year when Rossi had to be faster to open up his points lead. Why on earth would he keep trying to ride these insane speeds lap after lap to beat guys he already had a comfortable points lead over? All he did the second half of this year was stay close to them to minimize the points lost and look at things now, if this ruling gets overturned, he'll be in a good position to win the championship because, he's been VERY consistent and was "Fastest" when it counted the most. He has hasn't led the championship all season by accident. Lorenzo's blazing first few laps speed vs Rossi's slower speed in the early stages of races show how much pressure that has been actually on Lorenzo the last part of this season.