Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez has described the period following the Malaysian MotoGP at Sepang as 'one of the most difficult weeks in my life'.

Marquez was involved in a clash with Valentino Rossi during the penultimate round of the World Championship, which resulted in the 22-year-old crashing out of the race.

The two-time premier class champion has been accused by Rossi of favouring Jorge Lorenzo for the title and of deliberately interfering with Rossi's race pace at Sepang, but Marquez said he had no regrets from Malaysia other than failing to finish the race.

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"Honestly, it has been one of the most difficult weeks in my life. After Malaysia I tried to forget and concentrate one hundred per cent for the last race of the season, but it was not possible," he said.

"In Sepang I already said what happened [in the incident with Rossi]; of course my feeling is the same but I will not say it again because like Jorge and Valentino say, Carmelo [Ezpeleta, Dorna CEO] and FIM ask us to only speak about Valencia, like Honda did with the telemetry, with the data. They will show after the race, because we are here, like I say - the fans must enjoy the race and we must enjoy the last race of the season.

"I regret just that I don't finish the race for my team and for my target," he added.

"Every race I am trying to do my best like everybody in his job, in his work: when you are working you are trying to do your best and every time I go out on the track I am trying to do my best for my sponsors, for my team. I did in Malaysia, I did in Australia and in Japan and I will try to do [my best] this weekend, try to finish in the front or in the podium.

"It was a hard experience and it is not easy for a rider - also at 22-years-old - to be like this, but I think for the future this will help me a lot because I learn many, many things. I will continue learning and we must improve for the next season but my target is always to try to fight for the championship."

Marquez says was it has been impossible to prepare normally for the finale at Valencia this weekend, he is benefitting from the support of his team and has called on the 110,000+ crowd expected on Sunday to enjoy the occasion.

"It was not possible to prepare in the normal way because, like everybody knows, it was difficult about everything. But now I am here and am I with my second family, with my team, and this helps me a lot," he said.

"We are trying to prepare well for the weekend and try to finish the season in a good result if possible like every weekend, fighting for the victory: if not, fighting for the podium.

"What I say on the spectators is that sure, they love the MotoGP just like me, and I remember when I was a baby I was coming in the circuit to enjoy the show of the bikes and the Valencia race is always special for MotoGP; what they need to do is enjoy the show," Marquez added.

"We know that somebody will follow Valentino [Rossi], somebody will follow Jorge [Lorenzo], Dani [Pedrosa], me and other riders but in the end, everybody is here to see the bikes, to see this show and the most important thing is to enjoy the weekend."

The outgoing world champion says his mentality remains unchanged by recent events and he intends to fight for the best position possible on home soil in the last race of 2015.

"My mentality and my spirit for racing will keep the same, nothing change. If I need to fight against my team-mate, I will fight against my team-mate, if I need to fight against Jorge, I will fight against Jorge and if I need to fight against Valentino, I will fight against Valentino," said Marquez.

"We will see if I am fighting for first place, second third or fourth but in the end always I try to get the best result for my team and for me."

While Rossi forced to start from the back of the grid for causing the Sepang clash, Marquez has already proved what is possible from such a position.

"It's true that in Moto2 I start last here in Valencia and I won the race, it's true also that in Qatar I was last in the first corner and I arrived fifth, so in the end MotoGP is more difficult but I don't want to think about this because it is not my situation."

Asked if he considered participating in Rossi's appeal to CAS to have his Penalty Points sanction suspended until after the Valencia race - as Lorenzo had done - Marquez replied: "No, we were completely in the opposite side; honestly we cancelled the press conference for showing the data because they [Honda] don't want to be inside of the decision of CAS and make some influence, but in the end the decision already comes.

"I know what happened and I say in Malaysia and I respect the decision of Race Direction and FIM and I respect the decision of CAS."

He also revealed that he has not spoken to Lorenzo or Rossi since Sepang, but added: "I hope sooner or later to speak with Jorge but also with Valentino."


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If anything can be learned from 'questionable behavior on track' is every rider needs to make sure the decision(s) they make are the one(s) that define them.....

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"The Kick"

We'll see whether he ran into Rossi first or that Rossi gave him the legendary kick invented by Team Repsol Honda prior to that...

Rossi should rename his butt from "The DOCTOR" to "THE KICK" just for fun for Valencia :-)

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