Andrea Dovizioso has warned that it is difficult to judge how close to the limit a MotoGP rider is pushing.

Sunday's Valencia title decider ended with Valentino Rossi accusing Marc Marquez of 'protecting' race leader and eventual world champion Jorge Lorenzo. Rossi's argument was based around the Honda rider shadowing the Yamaha throughout the race, without attempting a pass.

Dovizioso - one of the few to have raced Honda, Yamaha and now Ducati MotoGP machinery - didn't want to get drawn into claims that Marquez had been protecting Lorenzo, but did admit the lack of an attack was 'strange'.

"I don't want to speak too much about that. It's true, for us is normal to see Marc fighting a lot in the battle. So to see that, it was quite strange. But only the rider knows exactly the problems they have on the bike. So I don't know if he was on the limit, over the limit, or if he control the race."

The Italian, who finished in seventh position, added: "You can't know every detail the riders can have. Especially when you have a different bike. This is my experience, because I rode already three bikes, and until you try a bike, you can't know every detail of it.

"Also the difference from the morning to the afternoon. The conditions always change. So yes, [other] riders can normally understand and analyse the situation, but it's easy to not see everything.

"If you have experience of different [bikes], you can know more. But the rules change, the bikes change, so I can't speak about the Honda because it was a long time ago."