Movistar Yamaha's Managing Director Lin Jarvis said it is time to move on from the 'polemics' that have clouded the conclusion of the 2015 MotoGP World Championship.

Jarvis preferred to concentrate on Yamaha's achievements in the premier class this season after the manufacturer swept the boards to win the Triple Crown of manufacturer, team and rider titles in the Japanese company's 60th anniversary year.

Controversy has engulfed the climax of the MotoGP championship, with Valentino Rossi accusing Honda rival Marc Marquez of manipulating his race strategy to benefit Jorge Lorenzo's title challenge as a war of words developed between the pair, which led to a now infamous collision that resulted in Marquez crashing out of the penultimate race at Sepang in Malaysia.

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More accusations followed Sunday's finale at Valencia in Spain, with Rossi claiming Marquez acted as Lorenzo's 'bodyguard' throughout the race and highlighting the 22-year-old's failure to attempt a pass despite shadowing the eventual world champion in the final part of the race to back up his allegations.

Jarvis, flanked by Lorenzo and Koichi Tsuji - Yamaha's General Manager of Motor Sports Development - during the post-race press conference, said 'enough was enough' as accusations continued to fly following the championship outcome.

Reacting to a question seeking his views on Lorenzo's comments that Marquez and Pedrosa held back from passing him in the race because of their shared Spanish heritage, Jarvis said: "I didn't hear that when Jorge stated that; I was here in the press conference waiting for everybody to arrive, so really I think enough is enough about talking about the polemics of what happened, who did what, and today is a day when we are here to talk about his championship and about Yamaha's championship.

"I'd rather we could avoid the on-going polemics that we've had over the weeks and just focus on the sport. I'd like to state that Valentino did a fabulous season as well and to lose the championship by only five points on this day must be very tough for him, it must be very difficult because he has been leading it from the very beginning.

"We are very satisfied, happy, and I want to give our congratulations to both of our riders - Jorge and Valentino. Unfortunately, we knew that only one of them was going to win, so this is another problem of when you have two great riders in the team," he added.

"Even when you win everything, somebody is unhappy and it was going to go one way or the other and it went the way that it did for all of the reasons. You can't turn back the clock, you have to focus only on the future and that's it really."

Jarvis added that he had no reason to doubt Marquez and Pedrosa's accounts of why they were unable to attack Lorenzo for the lead, with the Honda pair claiming they pushed to their maximum throughout the 30-lap contest at the Ricardo Tormo circuit on Sunday.

"I listened to the explanations of Marc and Dani and Jorge and I have to take their explanations at face value," he said.

"I have no personal judgement, I watched the race, I came here, so I haven't had time to look, or analyse or think about it; I listened to what they said and I have no reason to go against that."

During a lighter moment in the exchanges between Jarvis and the assembled press, he joked that his taste for gin and tonic had helped him through the tougher moments of what had been an arduous championship campaign as both Yamaha riders disputed the title.

"I think one thing that helps is that I'm not either Italian or Spanish; that's said as a joke, but it's also not a joke," Jarvis said.

"If you are able to be neutral, remain neutral, it's very important because there's a lot of nationalistic influence can come: if you're Spanish, you should support the Spanish, if you're Italian, you should support the Italian perhaps.

"That's definitely a help and also I have a lot of experience in this game; I've had many positive and negative experiences over the years as well, so this is stuff that you learn and it comes on board and helps you also stay calm in situations that are perhaps very stressful," he added.

"I don't have medication, but I really like gin and tonic, so that's something that also helps at the end of the day!

"It's a matter of being true to yourself and also not panicking and trying to find solutions and the solution for each person is different as well."

Looking back over the year as a whole, Jarvis hailed the 2015 season as an 'awesome' accomplishment for Yamaha, particularly so given that the Japanese manufacturer was celebrating its 60th anniversary.

"In general, obviously it's been an awesome year for us having won in total 11 races this year and leading the championship basically from the beginning to the end," he continued.

"Obviously Valentino led from the very first race and at a certain moment in the season Jorge equalled Vale on points, but he had four wins so he took over for a single race. All the way down to the wire we stayed in front.

"It's been a fabulous year to do that in our 60th anniversary and I know that [Koichi] Tsuji [Yamaha General Manager of Motorsports Development] got an order from the boss in Japan that 'it's our 60th anniversary, you MUST win the Triple Crown'. So for us of course it's pretty rewarding to finally get there," Jarvis added.

"Last ten days have been a little bit tough; it's never easy to manage any single champion and it's even more difficult to manage two.

"It's been hard, but we've managed and we're very happy to be here and I congratulate Jorge on achieving his third MotoGP championship with us."


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For those of you saying 'move on' to Rossi... he has dedicated an entire year (arguably the last 5) to one goal, something that seemed unachievable when he arrived on the Ducati all those years ago.

He raced through losing Marco, he has enough money, he has enough fans, he is already a legend - he raced because he believed he had a chance of getting his 10th title - all of which was literally taken away by Marquez... he must be devastated and angry.

In my opinion, it is the sort of thing you never get over...

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the fact is Yamaha can afford to lose Lorenzo, but not Rossi until they can replace him with another rider who is marketable and with so much charisma as Rossi... Remember the last time they ditch Rossi for Lorenzo, they hardly get any sponsor, even after winning the Championship in 2010...

Jarvis is a businessman as well as team manager, if he has to chose, he will chose Rossi specially after Jorge turned against his team mate, that is a No-No specially in a Japanese team when loyalty is as important as winning.

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These polemics are what has made a great season very great

Stop sanitising the sport and let us see and hear the aggression that makes a motogp rider what he is

This isn't ballet it's bike racing

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