MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo will switch his focus to the new 2016 single ECU system on the final day of the official Valencia test on Wednesday.

Lorenzo tested the Michelin tyres, with the company taking over as the championship's exclusive supplier from Bridgestone, mostly using the old electronics on his Movistar Yamaha M1 on Tuesday, although he did complete a run towards the end of the day using the new ECU.

The 28-year-old, who sealed his third premier class title by five points from Valentino Rossi after winning Sunday's season finale, was fifth fastest with a time of 1m 31.767s.

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"There has been some crashes also with braking, with no throttle, like the one of [Aleix] Espargaro in the first corner; usually the crashes are in the middle of the corner when you are trying to roll at maximum angle with throttle, but the grip of the rear tyre is so good that the front - at maximum lean - doesn't support the grip of the rear," said Lorenzo.

"So you need to lean a little bit less or be less time in the angle to try to avoid the crashing. Almost all the day we used the old electronics; we have made the last run with the new bike and new electronics, but mostly we concentrated on understanding the tyres and changing the setting to improve the feeling on the front."

Asked if the new tyres and electronics combination were more challenging that he had anticipated, Lorenzo said it was too early to give any definitive assessment, although he conceded that it will be 'hard' to adapt to the new ECU.

"You can imagine something, you can expect something but in the moment [until] you try, you don't know what feeling you are going to have," he said.

"So, now we know and still the engineers needed some laps to calculate where the bike was, in which corners to understand to make some changes for tomorrow and tomorrow I think we will improve it much more.

"We will not arrive soon to the performance of the last one, of the old one, but it's going to be hard for everyone to get a good feeling with these electronics.

"The bike change so much and the tyres change so much that you cannot compare [to combinations of previous seasons], but yes... some years! [combination was better].

"Tomorrow it's going to be important to try to improve the electronics because we expect long way for it [to be at peak performance]," said Lorenzo.

The Majorcan was asked to rate his performance throughout the 2015 season and gave himself a maximum score of 8.5 out of 10, saying it 'wasn't his best season'.

"In general terms, I think we didn't make the best season in terms of my career and in terms of consistency it was not my best because in 2010 I achieve much more points," he said.

"We make some mistakes, especially in Misano, but I'm not a man of numbers so 8, 8.5 will be a nice one and I improve more in the last races. In terms of the speed, of understanding the limit of the bike, I think 9 is a good punctuation."

With the championship now decided after a controversial and tense end to the season, Lorenzo was asked he if felt a sense of normality would be restored following the war of words between himself, Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez.

"Let's see what happens, I think one difficult and very competitive year has come to an end and now start a new year with different tyres, different performance; probably in the future for the riders we hope that everyone in the paddock has respect and a good relationship."

Reflecting on the nip and tuck battle between himself and his Yamaha team-mate, the five-time world champion said he believed Rossi would have felt 2015 was his last chance to win the MotoGP title.

"I say probably, could be [Rossi's last chance to win championship] his last chance. I imagine, it's my opinion that maybe he is thinking that way and maybe this can influence him, but I have no idea what he is thinking - I just read or hear his comments."