Andrea Iannone labeled himself 'really happy' with the feeling provided by the new Michelin tyres with the front particularly suited to his style.

Two days after crashing out of the final race of the season, Iannone posted the second fastest time during the first day of testing for 2016 at Valencia, a lap that was less than two tenths slower than his fastest race time.

Interestingly, on a day that saw a high number of front-end crashes and various riders complain of the front Michelin's lack of feel, Iannone felt the opposite, and stated its feel was a big improvement from the last test in Misano.

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"I'm really happy about the tires, the feel from the beginning is really good. I'm a little bit surprised, because so many people talk about the tires as being worse compared to the Bridgestone, saying especially in front, it's a disaster... When I try the first time in Misano, the feeling was not so bad, but not like today. Today from the beginning it's really good. Also the pace, and also the bike. I'm happy.

"I think it's the same. I don't explain the feeling is so much better. This morning from the beginning I have a really good feeling. In Misano, it's my first time I used the Michelin. I think it's possible when you use for the second time, you have a little bit more idea what to expect, the feeling is really good from the beginning and the tires don't change. Have one, two new tires, but I don't use today, I maybe try tomorrow.

The fact the front Michelin tyre doesn't require braking until the middle of the corner and the rear has more grip, which in turn helps to reduce speed as the bike is leant over, Iannone feels this change compliments his style well.

"[I] Change a little bit the line, but not so much. For me it's easy at the moment. Or it's positive. But maybe in the other track it's more difficult, but now in this track, with my bike, the feeling is really good, so I keep my fingers crossed.

"At the moment, the front tire for me is perfect. With the Bridgestone, it's really important you arrive with the braking in the middle of the corner. With this tire, no. Because the rear reduce the speed more compared to the Bridgestone. With Michelin you use more the rear tire, with the Bridgestone you use the front tire. It's two different styles."