Bernie Ecclestone says he would have disqualified Valentino Rossi for his coming together with Marc Marquez during October's controversial Malaysian MotoGP had it been up to him.

Rossi received three penalty points from Race Direction for 'irresponsible riding' after he forced Marquez wide before contact was made between the pair, with his Honda rival crashing out of the race having engaged in a fierce battle with the Italian on the previous three laps.

When added to previous penalty points applied earlier in the season, Rossi was forced to start the title deciding Valencia MotoGP from the back of the grid, a punishment that would thus allow Jorge Lorenzo to win the race and snatch the title at the death.

While figures in F1 and MotoGP were largely split on whether Rossi's penalty was justified, F1 supremo Ecclestone says he would have gone as far as excluding the Italian - who got to keep his third place finish in the Sepang race - from the results altogether.

"Rossi would have been disqualified," he told Gazzetta dello Sport. "He would have had a black flag."
"What happened is completely wrong. It is a warning for F1.

"Let me give an example. Let's suppose that Ferrari is in the running for the title and Mercedes blocks them with one of its customer teams, what would happen?"

With Lorenzo's third crown denying Rossi an eighth title in the premier class, the Yamaha rider's actions drew a mixed response from figures in F1, with Sebastian Vettel airing his support saying he thought 'Valentino did the right thing', while Felipe Massa called it 'a big mistake'.


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whyyoumadtho: haha yet again another bout of the rossi crowd going ape insane because of Bernie's comments haha so predictable from these fans

Bottom line is that Rossi should not have stuck out his leg like that and before everyone goes 'OH marquez was trying to hit his knee sliders slipstream.

And you are such a predictable Rossi hater

Rossi never took his foot of the peg - he turned completely sideways when he said "What the F...are you doing" and his foot was literally almost pointing at Marquez. He never kicked him. I watched every video I could find online and it never happened. He messed up by letting him get to him and it cost him the championship. Life moves on.....

I will say it was wrong. Rossi should have battled Marquez with so much intensity that he crashed himself (I'm still confident Marquez did crash himself) but Rossi was already so frustrated with him from previous races that he couldn't take any more of his crap. Forget the reporters that showed up at Marquez's house - I woulda probably went there and beat the tar out of him if I was Rossi. Marquez is young and wants to be the best there ever was, all the racer's do but he needs to do it over the course of his career, not in one season and because he pushed so hard trying to compensate for the troubled Honda he crashed his way out of the championship and figured he'd at least help bring it back to Spain with Lorenzo. That's complete BS! History has shown that Rossi is a fierce competitor but there's never been any indication he would resort to taking someone out on purpose. Human nature is very predictable (creatures of habit) and it just doesn't add up. I'm going to side with Rossi on

Tetley: What's it got to do with Bernie Ecclestone ( sounds like imported kitchen floor tiling ) ?

Carmelo Ezpeleta ( sounds like an ice-cream flavour ? ) is not AFAIK, prone to announcing his opinions on incidents in F1, so why should The Bernster interfere on MotoGP issues?

( I think I know the answer to my own question- Bernie is just up to mischief, headline grabbing. )


Maybe he's trying to draw attention to GP so people would forget about the controversy in F1. It wasn't exactly a perfect ending to a season there. Rossi is probably the most high profile athlete/racer in the world so why not direct attention to him instead...

Hang on - Maldonado makes a habit of crashing into others - including barriers that jump out at him - but he's never been DQ'd. Maybe given penalty grid positions in following races - oh - wait - that's what happened to Rossi.....