Dani Pedrosa has said understanding and improving Honda's 2016 MotoGP engine was his main priority after spending the first day of testing reacquainting himself with the Jerez circuit.

Having missed the race here in May due to injury, Pedrosa admitted he and his crew were still "playing" with settings in order to get the required feeling from the engine, something that was necessary before focussing on the all-new electronics package and Michelin tyres.

The winner of two of the last four races of 2015, the Catalan brushed himself down after falling at the final corner at the end of the day, a crash he put down to pushing too hard.

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"For me today was a little bit more slow," said Pedrosa. "It was almost two years that I have not come to this track. I start at the beginning and needed time because my memory was with Bridgestone and also I didn't use this bike here. There were two different engines so I was comparing one bike to the other and the data.

"At the same time I was working on the setting because I had no setting from the race. It was a little bit difficult also because we need to wait a lot to get temperature on the track to start. Track time was quite short but we tried to do the best job today. I think today was more a set-up day. Now we can make better work to know the engine and tyres.

"Today we didn't do much into this [the electronics]. We tried to focus on the engine. We need to first fix the engine feeling. One and the other. Then we know we can go deeper into the extra help we have from the electronics.

"The power line is a little bit different. We are trying to get more grip. Our bike is always shaking in the brakes. We're trying to make this better. At this moment we're still looking for a good way on the exit, not the entry. Today we did many laps for this. I think tonight the guys will work on this to have a better feeling tomorrow."

Feelings with the 2016 electronics package were similar to the post-race test in Valencia, where Pedrosa complained of inconsistency in all areas.

"Sure, we need to work to make the electronics better. At the moment we're playing with that to get the right feeling on the engine. Tonight, after some laps today, we will make some settings for tomorrow that we hope gives us clearer information to make a better comparison.

"The '15 engine did all the year running so we know, power-wise, we know exactly what we're running. In the new engine, no. We need to adjust many things and today was more about that than a clear comparison. Tomorrow maybe we can do a better comparison and we will have a more clear result than today."

Of the new Michelin rubber, Pedrosa admitted he had received no warning prior to the front-end fall but pointed to over-confidence as the reason why he fell.

"I had no moment until I crashed but I must say I was a little too strong pushing in that moment. Also, I was switching bikes so I was maybe over-confident in that moment.

"No warning [with the crash]. I used the reference tyres. For me anyway it was new at this track. I didn't try many things. Today there were very short runs and we were focussing on the engine. I cannot say much about the tyres because I was not so concerned."